Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: ESPN

The New York Yankees had a challenging period under the tenure of Aaron Boone. He joined the NY side back in 2018. Since then, the Bronx Bombers have always made it to the postseason until this year. But every time they did make the postseason, they would fail to go the distance. It has been a long time since the NY side reached the World Series. In fact, the last time the 27-time champions won the World Series was back in 2009, when they made their last appearance in the “Big Dance.” Moreover, things have gotten worse since then.

For instance, this year, the Yankees failed to make the postseason for the first time under Aaron Boone as the manager. Anyhow, there is only a year remaining in Boone’s contract with the Yankees. But while pondering about Boone’s replacement, the organization may not look further. It is because they already hired an ideal choice for the replacement of Aaron Boone. Lately, on Tuesday, the Yankees hired a new bench coach, Brad Ausmus. He has pretty good managerial experience.


Can Brad Ausmus Replace Aaron Boone After The Next Season?

Brad Ausmus Yankees
Brad Ausmus Yankees Source: ESPN

Lately, Ausmus replaced Carlos Mendoza as the Yankees bench coach. Mendoza moved to the New York Mets as their new manager. But Aaron Boone never had a bench coach with managerial experience before Ausmus. Later, on Wednesday, Chris McMonigle of WFAN mentioned the professional experience of Brad Ausmus. And he also added the fact that he has been a part of the league for a long time. Ausmus was part of MLB as a player and a manager. He was a pretty good defensive catcher in his time.

Moreover, Chris believes the Yankees can ask Ausmus to take over Boone’s job over the course of a year. Most importantly, if the results don’t change for the NY side at all in the next season, they will remove Boone. However, the 54-year-old Brad Ausmus has not been a very successful manager in his career. He has a record of 314-332. But he did have a playoff experience in his first managerial experience. Hence, the Yankees must take the final call after thinking it through. 

Yankees Are Looking To Make Significant Changes In Their Organization

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Previously, the Yankees could not make the postseason back in 2016. However, this year, Boone’s side ended with a record of 82-80. Clearly, it has been one of the worst seasons for the NY team in the franchise’s last 30 years. Hence, the Yankees are looking to make significant changes ahead of the next season. In fact, as soon as the offseason started, the Bronx Bombers started planning for the offseason. The offseason for the NY side started a month prior to the rest for obvious reasons.

Later, the owner said they would be making some changes in the personnel and some other than the personnel. But the fans were more curious about the changes in the roster. They have a lot of options for big names in free agency, who the Yankees can think about acquiring. But the Bronx Bombers must also think about their manager’s post. Even many fans trolled Aaron Boone and wanted the NY organization to fire him. But the captain Aaron Judge showed support to the team’s manager.