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Veteran outfielder Aaron Hicks was part of a storied franchise, the New York Yankees, for the past eight years. In those eight years, his form on the plate remained underwhelming. Hicks’ average stayed below .200 for four consecutive seasons, and his time on the field wasn’t that great either. All things collectively led to the Yankees pulling the plug.

In May, New York Yankees designated Aaron Hicks for an assignment and later released him from the roster to finally put an end to an eight-year-long painful association. Since joining the Bronx Bombers, the outfielder never for once did justice to his veteran status. After leaving New York, he joined Baltimore Orioles, who had recently visited the Bronx for a series. The Yankee fans were in no mood to welcome back Hicks and made it evident with loud boos.


Yankees’ Tribute Video For Aaron Hicks Leaves The Home Fans Fuming

Aaron Hicks
The Orioles signed outfielder Aaron Hicks, pictured taking batting practice before Tuesday’s game, as a replacement for All-Star center fielder Cedric Mullins, who has been placed on the 10-day injured list. (Julio Cortez/AP)

The New York Yankees are hosting east rivals Baltimore Orioles for a three-game series at the Yankee Stadium. It was also a reunion with former Yankee outfielder Aaron Hicks who is now a part of the Orioles. He was visiting the Bronx for the first time since his parting. Hence, the home team decided to welcome him back with a unique gesture. Prior to the commencement of the series opener, a tribute video dedicated to Hicks was played on the big screen. While the team pulled off such an act in all goodwill, the home fans didn’t look quite pleased.

As soon as the video was played, the home fans booed the Yankees and Aaron Hicks relentlessly. Yankee fans’ hate for Hicks is not hidden from the world. Moreover, their reaction to the tribute video is not entirely bad. After all, what has the outfielder really done in the past eight years to deserve a tribute? For the past four seasons, his average has been below .200. On top of that, not once in eight years has he made it to the All-Star. If that is not enough, Hicks was getting constantly getting outperformed by rookies. He may be witnessing a resurgence with the Orioles for now, but his lack of contribution at the Yankees cannot be overlooked. Overall, this tribute act was nothing more than just ridiculous.

Orioles’ OF Aaron Hicks Reacts To Being Booed By Yankee Fans

Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks was not at all welcomed back into the Bronx. He made a trip to the Yankee stadium for the first time since being released, and the reception wasn’t very pleasant. Throughout the whole game, the outfielder was booed by the home crowd. It began during pre-game introductions, carried on during his at-bats, and lasted till he left the field. Hicks may have switched teams and produced a resurgence, but he failed to change the sentiments of the Yankees fans.

He addressed the incident after the game and said he kind of anticipated the booing. In the past eight years, he has played under such an atmosphere. So it was nothing new for him. In fact, it was easier this time to soak it all as a rival. Having said that, Aaron Hicks admitted that the fear of getting booed was never on his mind while coming to the Bronx. He is here to help the Orioles win and will devote his entire focus to that cause.