The stewards’ office summoned Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel after the first practice at Zandvoort, the Dutch Grand Prix. Officials ordered both Hamilton and Vettel to appear before them for obstructing during the opening practice session. Before FP2, the stewards confronted Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel after both drivers were found in violation of the rules of the race. 

With just over 10 minutes remaining in Fp2, Lewis Hamilton was questioned for allegedly obstructing Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz at Turns 12 and 13. Meanwhile, Sainz was summoned to explain the event from his side. Lando Norris of McLaren and Sebastian Vettel collided at the same corner, with the four-time champion holding up the British driver. Norris reacted angrily by hurling his automobile up the inside of the Aston Martin. “is this guy silly, or..?” or what? he asked.

Before the start of the second practice, both drivers were summoned to the stewards’ office. The stewards decided there was no need for additional action in either event after discussion. In response to the incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Sainz, the stewards stated, “Both drivers and team officials acknowledged throughout the hearing. Many people, the stewards, should view obstructing during free practice with more tolerance unless the action is particularly risky.”

Lewis Hamilton placed second at the end of the first practice session. And Vettel finished the first hour in 15th place, behind his Mercedes teammate George Russell, who set the pace. Although Hamilton and Vettel have managed to avoid punishment for their transgressions during the Dutch Grand Prix’s first practice. Since the FIA took a forgiving posture in the Friday runs, as explained in both cases, none of them have received sanctions. The two F1 champs have won a combined 11 championships and are accused of excessively interfering with the first practice session at Zandvoort.

Leclerc Frustated At Sebastian Vettel!

The peculiar Ferrari strategy that allowed Sebastian Vettel to capture his final F1 victory lately infuriated Charles Leclerc. When Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix in 2019, Ferrari’s peculiar strategy left Charles Leclerc feeling disappointed. Now, until Aston Martin wins any of the races from the remainder of the 2022 season, it might be Vettel’s final race victory in Formula One.

In that race, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton started behind Leclerc, who started from the pole position. The Mercedes driver’s performance in the race was somewhat different. He held the pole position until lap 20. Vettel was pitted first by Ferrari. But Leclerc was overtaken for the lead by the German after a masterful out-lap by him. Further, Vettel went on to take the lead for the remainder of the race and win. Leclerc came in last, taking P2. However, over the radio, Leclerc made it clear what he thought of the plan. He told the team, “I don’t understand the undercut at all. But we’ll talk about it later.

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