Lewis Hamilton Ayrton Senna
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Ayrton Senna Helmet

If you are a Formula One enthusiast, you must know that Sir Lewis Hamilton is a big fan of the Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna. There are so many things about the great Brazilian that made the Briton a fan. Senna died on a race track in 1994, but his legacy in Formula One has never ever been forgotten. Not just Hamilton but a lot more drivers of modern times and the past have been a fan of Ayrton Senna. Currently, Red Bull’s driver Daniel Ricciardo has also cited the influence of Senna in his career. However, among the modern-day greats, there is not a bigger fan of Senna than Hamilton.

The seven-time champion cited the Brazilian as an inspiration not just because of his driving but his personality as well. Lewis Hamilton has always been vocal about injustice and discrimination in F1 and even outside the sport. But he mentioned that he learned the spirit of fighting against racism and discrimination in F1 from the great Brazilian. Hamilton had said what fascinates him about Ayrton Senna. The Briton mentioned, “The way he fought against a system alone that was not always nice to him. Also, the way he raced, the color of his helmet, and the passion in his voice.”


Hamilton Got A Fake Helmet From Senna’s Family

Lewis Hamilton Ayrton Senna
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes With Senna’s Helmet

Despite being such a big fan, the media was shocked to know that Senna’s family presented a replica of the Brazilian’s helmet to Lewis Hamilton. It happened after he broke Senna’s pole position record in 2017. Hamilton broke Senna’s record in the Canadian Grand Prix of 2017. As a result, the Brazilian family presented a helmet belonging to Senna to the Briton as a wonderful gesture. However, sometime later, Senna’s family cleared the air of doubts by mentioning that it was indeed a replica.

After Lewis Hamilton won his 65th pole position, he was very happy to receive the helmet of his hero. And he posed with it and took a lot of pictures. These pictures were later shared all across social media. But later, Senna’s family explained why they gave him a fake helmet that looked like the one that Senna wore back in 1987. They revealed Lewis would eventually receive the actual priceless helmet of Senna but not on a live telecast. Anyway, the Mercedes star will always remain a fan of Ayrton Senna no matter what.

Lewis Hamilton And Ayrton Senna: True Fighters In F1

Lewis Hamilton Ayrton Senna
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Ayrton Senna Sky Sports

Nothing can change the fact that Senna inspired the passion for racing in Hamilton. Ayrton Senna was an inspiration beyond the race track but as a fighter against social injustice as well. That’s what Lewis Hamilton tried to emulate as well in his style and career.

The seven-time champion mentioned it was not easy to be the only black driver on the grid. It was not easy to grow up in England as one of the few black kids. Lewis Hamilton fought against bullies back in his school days, and even in F1, it has been challenging enough. But Hamilton overcame all those obstacles to become the most decorated driver in the history of Formula One.