LeBron James- Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers fans are expecting a start-studded clash against the Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. But it seems the fans will have to settle for the second as all the stars take a rest on Monday. This might be due to the fact that the Lakers are going on a roll with the table toppers. And to preserve their superstars, LA would come out with their second unit. Hollywood announced on Sunday that Anthony Davis and LeBron James will be out for their clash against the Nets.

The Lakers are not having one of the best seasons, nor is it going how they expected it to turn out. To conclude the season so far, Hollywood has yet to make their way out of the bottom once this season. Even LeBron James’ crazy high-point performances are not able to lift LA. In the absence of Anthony Davis, the Russell Westbrook and LeBron James duo have been working extra time to keep the Lakers floating. But the rest of the squad’s below-average skills are stopping the team from making advances in the league.

LeBron James
LeBron James

Why Are LeBron James And Anthony Davis Out?

The Lakers are suffering, and there is a way out unless the front office makes a few changes. Recently LA signed a new forward, Rui Hachimura, to improve the team offensively. However, the experts suggest that LA will need more than one change to stop the ship from sinking. Otherwise, Hollywood looks far from achieving their aim and missing yet another consecutive playoff. It seems like the Lakers will again become the reason for LeBron James to miss the second postseason of his career.

Meanwhile, the Lakers announced that their two superstars, Anthony Davis and LeBron James, will miss Monday’s game. According to the reports, Davis is taking off to rest from his stress foot injury that he has recently recovered from. His injury cost him to miss 20 games for LA and might also cost him his feature in the All-star game. Meanwhile, James stays to avoid exhaustion from his back-to-back ultimate performances on the wooden floor. The 38 year is also only 117 points shy from breaking the Kareem Abdul Jabbar record. The accomplishment is only 3-4 games away, and various ceremonies and celebrations will follow.

On Sunday, when the Lakers had the opportunity to take revenge from the Celtic Boston, they fell short in overtime. LeBron James again scored a massive 41 points, only to lose once again. Meanwhile, Brooklyn will also not play their superstar Kevin Durant against the Lakers on Monday. The 34-year-old suffered an MCL injury earlier this month and has been out ever since. This leaves only Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook as superstars in the game.

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