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Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are the biggest names in the modern Formula One. They have been the fiercest rivals since 2021. That year, the F1 fans saw the competitive level of the sport reach some different height. Moreover, it was a major turning point for the F1 Motorsport. For eight years in a row, the F1 fans saw Mercedes enjoying an indomitable hegemony. On top of that, Hamilton won six titles in those eight years. However, things went topsy-turvy when the young Dutch driver toppled the seven-time champion off his F1 throne.

Since 2021, there has been only one driver who has been the most dominant force on the grid, and that’s Max Verstappen. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton has been winless since 2022. It is because Mercedes really has struggled with their car because of the zero sidepod concept in the last two years. Nevertheless, the record speaks for itself and the greatness of Lewis Hamilton. He has really transcended the sport’s popularity. Even though he may not be the most dominant driver at present, he is still the most famous face in F1. Recently, the Alpha Tauri team manager differentiated the greatness of the two champions.


How Different Are Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Really? 

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Handshake
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Handshake Source: PlanetF1

Recently, in an interview with Verstappen.com, Graham Watson said Hamilton is more of a “Brand,” but Max is a “Nerd.” The Alpha Tauri team manager mentioned, of course, Lewis Hamilton is one of the most talented drivers ever. But he does a lot of things and that confuses the fans if he really is an F1 driver. Hamilton has so many other associations. He really is a brand in himself. On the other hand, Watson pointed out that Max Verstappen is an F1 driver, and that would never change. Moreover, Watson explained that he is not saying what Lewis Hamilton does is wrong. But in no way is Hamilton a nerd like Max Verstappen. Moreover, Graham Watson mentioned nerds like Max are always trying to improve themselves.

If they are not in the car, they are either in the simulator or in a kart. Moreover, the Alpha Tauri team manager compared Max Verstappen’s move to Red Bull to Michael Schumacher’s move to Ferrari. Like the German great made the sport immensely popular at that time, as per Watson, Max Verstappen is doing the same in recent times. Watson pointed out the old images of Spa and Hockenheim, where the stands were full of Schumacher flags. Watson believes he sees a lot of similarities between Max and the great Michael Schumacher. 

How Is The Dutchman Saving The Entire Sport?

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

Graham Watson says Max Verstappen brings the same intensity and increases interest among the fans like Michael used to do. That’s how Watson feels Verstappen single-handedly saved the sport. People came in huge numbers in Spa and everywhere to see the Red Bull star break all sorts of records in the last two seasons.

Moreover, the Alpha Tauri team manager feels that is even better than Michael Schumacher’s time. Watson added that Max Verstappen’s style is responsible for bringing a whole new audience to Formula One. With time, it should only get better. Can Max repeat his dominance in 2024, too?          

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