Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors
Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors Source: radiozona.com.ar

DubNation ace Draymond Green has been part of one of the most successful tripods a basketball team has ever seen. There have been many popular trios of NBA teams over the years. The Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. But the more successful trio was the San Antonio Spurs – Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. Then, the Los Angeles Lakers had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Michael Cooper. But the Spurs trio is more successful in terms of their playoff run. However, the Golden State Warriors had an even more successful trio in the NBA Finals.

The trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green had more Finals wins than the Spurs trio after their 2022 championship success. Moreover, the Spurs trio had the previous best record with 19 wins, and then the Dubs got to 20 in 2022. But in terms of playoff game wins, the Spurs trio is still the best (126). In fact, the Warriors trio is two shy of 100 at present, and they’ve the third-best record. Behind the Spurs trio, the second-best is the Lakers trio (110) in playoffs. There is a chance that the Dubs trio may not get another chance to get to 100 playoff wins if they trade Klay and Dray. 


What Does Draymond Green Have To Say About Trade Rumor?

Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

Draymond Green realizes the delicate situation the Warriors are in at present. They are currently 18-22. Green’s two back-to-back suspensions were really a major setback for the team early in the season. Anyway, before the February trade deadline, the Warriors may plan to trade a lot of players, including Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. However, The Athletic’s Shams Charania mentioned the Dubs would not trade Steph Curry. On the Draymond Green Show, the veteran forward mentioned the possibility of the Big 3 moving apart. When a team is 18-22, Green feels it’s not right to question if the GM takes a strict step before the trade deadline.

Dray Green says they had the same opportunities as other teams to get better this season. However, Green also said that the Warriors have never been very active before trade deadlines because of their dynastic rule. But they have a new GM now, it is not Bob Myers anymore. It is Mike Dunleavy Jr., and Green said he had been incredible so far. Moreover, Draymond Green mentioned that it won’t be shocking if the Big 3 really moves apart because the team with the highest payroll has been 18-22.

Current Situation Of The Warriors Is Really Bad

Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group

It does not matter if the new Dubs GM is more aggressive than Bob Myers, but they do need changes currently. In terms of defensive rating, the seven-time champions are 25th in ranks. On the other hand, in terms of offensive rating, the Warriors are ranked 13th. In overall net rating, they are 20th.

Clearly, they need significant changes, and they are now a recipe for a franchise in the lottery. It would take a real miracle and a spectacular run in the second half for the Warriors to make the postseason. If they can make the play-in tournament, that would be great, let alone a direct playoff berth.   

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