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Who Is The Strongest New York Yankees Player – Aaron Judge Or Giancarlo Stanton?

The New York Yankees can rely on Aaron Judge for his immense strength and power hitting. In 2022, the NY side’s captain proved that he’s one of the best hitters in the world. There is a reason why he won the American League MVP. Moreover, he hit 62 home runs in the regular season to break the AL record. Even in his rookie season, the Bronx Bomber’s captain hit over 50 homers. That was telling something about his gargantuan strength. However, that certainly does not make him the strongest player on his team. Does it?

Moreover, the Designated Hitter of the Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton, also can be one of the candidates for being the strongest Yankee at present. Fans know very well what these guys can do if they stay healthy. Moreover, they really make the offense of the NY side look solid. On top of that, adding the Dominican superstar in the mix makes them a real contender for the next World Series. Now, how far they will go in the 2024 season is something that only time can answer. But the Yankees manager lately answered who he thinks the strongest Yankee is. 


Who Does Aaron Boone Think Is The Strongest Yankees?

Ian Hamilton Yankees
Ian Hamilton Yankees Source: YES Network

Recently, Aaron Boone told the beat writers of NJ Advance Media that Giancarlo Stanton might be the strongest Yankee. Stanton reduced a lot of weight in the offseason. Later, the beat writers again asked Boone in the home dugout at the Steinbrenner Field if he really thinks Stanton’s the strongest Yankee. After pondering for a few seconds, the Yankees skipper mentioned Aaron Judge is worthy of the title as well. However, if the question is more specific, saying who’s pound for pound, the strongest in the team based on the strength tests that the team conducts every year, which are quite elaborative, then it is neither Stanton nor Judge.

Boone surprised the beat writers, saying, “Then, it’s the reliever Ian Hamilton; he’s an animal.” Even the closer, Clay Holmes agreed with the Yankees manager. Later, Holmes mentioned that Ian’s shredded and he’s so strong. Another surprising candidate for the strongest Yankee is Anthony Volpe, the new shortstop in case of pound for pound. Hamilton was a star rookie last season. He’s only 6’1 and weighs 200 pounds. That’s pretty small compared to Judge and Stanton. However, Hamilton is strong from head to toe with a six-pack chest and arms that resemble Popeye.

Boone Says The Force Plates Always Says It’s Ian

Yankees Ian Hamilton
Yankees Ian Hamilton Source: MLB.com

Hamilton can squat more than 400 pounds very easily. Moreover, the Yankees’ manager mentioned they generally use the force plates to measure pound for pound strength. And whenever the skipper would ask who’s the strongest guy on the roster, Boone says, “It usually lands on the same guy, Ian.”

After Ian Hamilton heard what the manager had to say about him, he laughed for about ten seconds. Then, replied, saying, if the manager says anything good about him, he will take it whatever it is. Boone mentioned that there are times when Hamilton even proves that he might be the best athlete on the team as well. 

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