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The New York Yankees, after recording a dual 15-run game against Milwaukee Brewers the other night, dropped the ball against top AL-East rivals Baltimore Orioles. After a 2-0 humiliating defeat, the Bronx Bombers once again endured a 2-4 defeat on Tuesday, which put the four-game series in jeopardy.

That being said, given the past 30-run fireworks, the New York Yankees’ lack of offensive efforts left the fans, as well as analysts, puzzled. A former Yankee slugger, Todd Frazier, went on a rant while talking to YES Network to highlight how the team has lost energy and enthusiasm, which is, in turn, affecting the morale of star hitter Juan Soto.


Todd Frazier Wants Yankees To Show More Passion!

Juan Soto, Yankees
Juan Soto flip his bat after belting a solo homer in the sixth inning of the Yankees’ loss. AP

The New York Yankees, for the first time this season, looked clueless on the plate for the second straight game. It’s largely because of the quality of the opposition. Baltimore Orioles, the AL-East defending champions and current leader, humbled NYY majorly to go 2-0 in a four-game series. Needless to say, scrutiny was bound to happen. This time, one of their own, former Yankee slugger Todd Frazier, slammed the team for not living up to the franchise standards. He said that against the Orioles, the Yanks lacked the energy, enthusiasm, and passion required. Todd added that the 30-run heroics against the Brewers are in the past, and the team must move on to level up as the opposition they’re facing is much tougher.

Not only that, Todd Frazier added that currently, the New York Yankees are playing as if they are in September and have crashed out of the playoffs. To back his claim, Todd cited the example of Juan Soto, who looked absolutely gutted after Tuesday’s loss. “You hate to say that, but you see [Juan] Soto at the end of the game, just sitting there, kind of bewildered,” said Frazier. The Yanks hitters haven’t clicked against the Orioles, and barring Soto, the team seems to be struggling just the way they did last year when they lost the division to Baltimore. However, with more than half of the season still left on the horizon, the Bombers have enough room for improvement and bounce back. Even the present four-game series against the Orioles is open, and to save face, NYY will be stepping out on Wednesday again.

Aaron Boone Blames Camden Yards’ Changed Dimension For Yanks Loss!

Ashley Landis – staff, ASSOCIATED PRESS

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone revealed that Camden Yards’ tweaked dimensions hurt his team as they went down 2-4 on Tuesday. In 2022, Orioles decided to make Camden Yard a more pitcher friendly ball park and hence pushed back the left field to 26.5 feet and increase the wall height by 6 feet.

That actually cost the New York Yankees a home run as Oswaldo Cabrera’s fly ball toward left field fell short and died in Colton Cowser’s gloves. It stripped the Yanks of scoring opportunities, which eventually led to a loss. “It seems a bit extreme. It all feels like it should’ve been more subtle,” Boone said on Talkin’ Yanks.

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