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The Los Angeles Lakers registered another victory over the top team of their conference tonight. Looking at LA’s form, the team was not seen fit to defeat the Grizzlies, who have only lost 14 games in their 45 games campaign. On the other hand, the Lakers, who are missing their massive superstar, have only 21 of their 46 games in the league. However, the home advantage came through for the team in defeating a strong contender. Apart from the game, there was also a massive ruckus at half-time involving Hollywood’s most passionate supporter Shannon Sharpe.

The game was an exciting struggle between the two teams, which vastly differ in their positions on the Conference table. But the caliber in both the teams was quite similar, as the results also predict. The Lakers won the game 122-121, with one point more than Memphis. It looks like the 38-year-old LeBron James once again slowed down as he struggled to put the ball in the basket. The Akron Hammer scored a total of 23 points which is a little less than what he has shown in the past month. But Russell Westbrook’s dynamic performance of 29 points came to LA’s rescue on the night.

Lakers Vs. Grizzlies
Lakers Vs. Grizzlies

Reason Behind Shannon Sharpe’s Half-Time Clash With Ja Morant’s Dad At Lakers’ Game

The Lakers were struggling with their shooting, as they have since the season began. But thanks to Thomas Bryant and Russell Westbrook for a stable performance that led the team to victory. Apart from the team’s great display of resilience, there was also a lot of drama on the court. The former NFL player could not keep himself from making a comment on Dillon Brooks. As things would appear, the Grizzlies forward was supposed to guard the Lakers superstar. And Sharpe said that Dillon was too small to guard James.

As the buzzer went off at the end of the second quarter of the game, Haper replied with explicit words to Shannon. According to his interview with Dave McMenamin at half time, Brooks said, ‘F**k me,’ and Sharpe said, ‘F**k you too’. And things escalated as Shannon wanted the forward to come to the courtside and say that to his face. However, the Grizzlies center Steven Adams did not like Shannon’s gesture. And he made his way toward the sports commentator, who was then surrounded by all the security staff. Following Steven, Tee Morant was also quick to follow the action.

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However, the security staff’s swift movement stopped the breakout to avoid any further drama. Shanon spent half time with the arena security before returning to his seat to enjoy the game. Although, at the end of the Lakers-Grizzlies game, Tee Morant and Shannon Sharpe made amends with each other. Joe Morant’s father even expressed his love and respect for the former NFL player and hugged it out. It all ended happily for most guys. However, Dillion believed that Shanon should not have been allowed back in the game.

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