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Juan Soto has been the name that brought hope back to the New York Yankees clubhouse ahead of the 2024 season. The fans and the team were looking for some great news in the off-season, as the 2023 season was terrible for the team. First of all, the NY side failed to make the postseason. It was the first time since 2016 that they could not qualify for the playoffs. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers finished with an awful 82-80 record, making it the worst season in the last 30 years. On top of that, the Yankees had the second-worst batting average in the league last year.

Only the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics, had it even worse than the 27-time champions. Hence, the New York team needed to make some significant changes to boost their offense. Finally, the Pinstripes landed Juan Soto, who’s arguably the best hitter in baseball. Moreover, the way the 2024 season started, fans can be really happy with the impact the Dominican superstar has had on the wins so far. Currently, the Yankees are 12-6. But the WFAN host is not happy with Soto’s performances so far.


Sal Licata’s Take On Juan Soto Is Enough To Drive The Yankees Faithful Insane

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The WFAN host, Sal Licata, is a well-known New York Mets fan. He has been very critical of Juan Soto and tried to drive the Yankees Nation mad. On Wednesday, the Dominican slugger walked in his ninth-inning appearance on the plate. Eventually, the Bronx Bombers lost that day. Anyhow, the Yankees won that series against the Miami Marlins. But Sal Licata claimed Soto has been looking for more walks than focusing on swinging the bat. The WFAN host said when Aaron Judge is struggling, the new superstar of the Bronx Bombers must do more damage to the opponents in such a situation. Moreover, Licata mentioned, “Swing your bat, bro, if you want to get paid.” Also, Licata does not support the idea of “Passing the baton” as a good idea for someone like the Dominican superstar.

Anyhow, Thomas Carannante of the Yanks Go Yard challenged the little bit harsh criticism of Soto. The beat writer said it is literally not possible for teams to win every game. Moreover, Yanks Go Yard said the last at-bat facing Tanner Scott did not give Soto a chance to swing the bat. The lefty Tanner Scott pitched 1.2 innings to close the game out for the Marlins. He made 34 pitches and had 14 strikeouts. Carannante mentioned Scott was totally unpredictable as well as erratic. Neither Aaron Judge nor Juan Soto had much luck against Scott. 

Licata Says The Dominican Slugger Must Be The Guy If He Is Looking For A $600M Deal In The Offseason

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WFAN radio host says Juan Soto can’t look for walks and hand it to Aaron Judge. Sal Licata says looking for walks should not be Soto’s job. If the Dominican superstar wants a $500 million or $600 million contract to sign, walking in big spots won’t get him there. The Mets fan cum radio host noted that Juan Soto will have to produce certain spots.

Licata was speaking on behalf of the Mets and the other teams who are favorites to land Juan Soto in the next offseason when he will be a free agent. He wants Soto “To be the guy,” if he has to pay him around $600 million next offseason. Licata won’t appreciate a superstar who says he is looking to get on base and hand it to Aaron Judge.

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