DJ LeMahieu Yankees
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The New York Yankees missed DJ LeMahieu for all 18 games in 2024 owing to a foot injury. However, the NY side has managed well without the oldest player on their roster. Lately, the Bronx Bombers lost a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Even then, the Pinstripes are enjoying a 12-6 season so far. Prior to the series loss against the Toronto side, they had won five series on the trot since the start of the season. In fact, the NY side had beaten the Blue Jays previously in the ongoing season. But when the two sides played for another series, the Blue Jays came on top. So far, the offense has been impressive. However, there have been a few concerns over the slow starts of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Despite worries over Judge and Stanton’s slow starts, the young guns have done pretty well. For instance, Anthony Volpe and Juan Soto, along with Oswaldo Cabrera, have been the most impressive in the offense. But there are more concerns over the forms of the starting pitchers. After all, they are playing without their ace pitcher, Gerrit Cole, so far. It might take more than a month for Cole to return to the lineup. Meanwhile, the oldest player on the roster seems to be getting close to making a comeback to the Yankees roster. 


DJ LeMahieu Might Return Sooner Than Later To The Lineup

DJ LeMahieu Yankees
DJ LeMahieu Yankees Source: news4republicans

The veteran infielder has yet to don the Pinstripes uniform in the ongoing season. In the spring training, the Yankees had to face severe injury issues for Gerrit Cole as well as DJ LeMahieu. Even Aaron Judge missed a few games owing to an abs injury. These three veteran players of the NY side are very crucial for the team’s success. But the Bronx Bombers have dealt with these issues well so far. Moreover, the good news for the Yankees Nation is that DJ is looking to return sooner rather than later. Lately, an MLB insider, Bryan Hoch, mentioned the veteran infielder will start a rehab assignment in the minor league on Thursday or Friday.

Moreover, Hoch noted that LeMahieu feels if things go well he should play less than five games in the minor league before he gets into the Yankees rotation. Clearly, LeMahieu’s return to the rotation would be a major boost for the whole club. So far, the offense has done well that helped the team to be at the top of the AL East. Now, adding a three-time All-Star to the mix makes the Yankees look all the more menacing offensively. If DJ returns soon, it would be perfect timing as Jon Berti, the veteran speedster who came as his replacement, also found a place on the 10-Day Injured List. Berti sustained a left groin strain.

Yankees Manager Said DJ Will Like Not Take Anthony Volpe’s Place In The Lineup

Aaron Boone Yankees
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Initially, Aaron Boone was planning to make DJ LeMahieu the leadoff hitter in the spring training. But then, the oldest player on the roster fractured his right foot. Hence, Boone had to come up with a plan. He made the new shortstop of the NY side their leadoff hitter. And it turns out to work pretty well for the Yankees so far.

In fact, along with Juan Soto and Oswaldo Cabrera, Anthony Volpe has been the star performer in the offense after 18 games. Hence, according to MLB Insider Bryan Hoch, Boone mentioned that when the veteran infielder is ready to come back, he will probably not replace Volpe as the leadoff hitter. The new shortstop has earned his right to be at the leadoff spot. 

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