Alex Verdugo #99 of the Boston Red Sox hits a three-run home run off Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Guardians during the sixth inning at Progressive Field on June 25, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. SOURCE: Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Alex Verdugo turned out to be one of the best off-season decisions for the New York Yankees after the trade was initially deemed a mistake citing Verdugo’s past. The left handed hitter had a painful four year tenure with Boston Red Sox with things getting uglier in the final year in 2023.

However, with the New York Yankees, Alex Verdugo has gained a new life and he couldn’t be happier for the trade that came through earlier this year. Meanwhile, in a recent candid interview, Verdugo opened up on hardships that he went through last year and why he attacked Red Sox manager in his introductory press conference with Yankees.


Alex Verdugo Reveals He Likes Yankees’ Passion To Fight And Win

Yankees, Alex Verdugo
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Outfielder Alex Verdugo’s stint with the Boston Red Sox was marked by both on-field struggles and off-field turmoil. After a roller-coaster three-year journey, Verdugo was benched multiple times last year, citing unprofessional behavior. However, he explained in his recent candid chat with WEEI.com that he was not in the right head space due to his troubled personal life. His grandmother died of cancer, and then his mother got diagnosed with the same, which left Verdugo mentally stressed. However, regardless of the accusations, Verdugo said he had nothing but respect for manager Alex Cora. Moreover, Alex also clarified his pre-season comments criticizing Cora’s timid approach.

Alex Verdugo explained that he likes Yankees manager Aaron Boone a lot due to his passion for the game. Boone is the kind of guy who does not hesitate to become the bad cop for the sake of his team and players. And that’s the kind of aggressive energy Verdugo missed in Boston. Not only that, Alex Verdugo shed light on the change of scenery, and he referred to the Yankees as a close-knit group that does everything together. From off-field shenanigans to pre-game activities, the Yankee players literally do everything together and have created a brotherly atmosphere in the clubhouse. Most importantly, Verdugo says that Yanks have let him be and have not tried to curb his aggressive energy, which is the quality that stands out the most for Verdugo as he settles into the iconic ball club.

Alex Verdugo Overwhelmed With Teammates’ Participation In Unique Celebration

Yankees, Alex Verdugo
Miami Marlins v New York Yankees / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Undoubtedly, Alex Verdugo is the life of the New York Yankees as he invoked a new sense of energy in the clubhouse. Verdugo has passed on the ‘dawg’ mentality to his teammates, which represents the ever-ending huger of the team striving for excellence. And to maintain that mindset, Verdugo came up with a unique ‘barking’ celebration.

Alex Verdugo would always bark after scoring a home run and even celebrate his teammates’ achievements likewise. However, his Yankees teammates surprised him last month when they joined him to bark relentlessly after Verdugo slammed his first home run of the season. It was a special moment for Alex, who felt overwhelmed and was seen for the first time in the Bronx. He was happy to see his team thrive on his energy.

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