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“We Can Stack Up With Anyone,” Anthony Volpe Not Intimidated By The Mighty Rays

Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees rookie of the 2023 season, has shown steady growth in the big leagues so far. After making a debut in the opening game, the shortstop hit an offensive slump. To curb that, the Yankees promoted him to the leadoff spot. That move did work for a while as the rookie slammed his first career homer and a couple of valuable RBIs.

However, the surge in form did not last long. Anthony Volpe did score his first career grand slam against the Oakland Athletics. Yet it proved to be not enough to please the Yankees front office as they demoted him down to seventh in the order against the Tampa Bay Rays. Despite the odds, Volpe came out on top and helped the Yankees put up crucial runs on board. Moreover, after the game, the shortstop sent out an indirect stern warning to the mighty Rays.


Anthony Volpe Feels The Yankees Are Skilled Enough To Take On The Robust Rays

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe kisses his jersey during his first roll call Via@Yankees Twitter

New York Yankees are hosting the Tampa Bay Rays for a four-game series. The East division table toppers, Rays, started as favorites and even sealed the opening game by 8-2. However, the bottom placeholder of the East, the Yankees are not backing out without a fight. The Bronx Bombers staged an inspiring comeback in the second game by securing a hard-fought 6-5 victory. After Anthony Volpe scored a solo homer to level the scores, Anthony Rizzo capitalized on the momentum with a two-run homer to get the Yankees a match-winning lead.

The Yankees ended up winning the matchup by 6-5, leveling the series 1-1. The series remains wide open for both teams, irrespective of the early odds. Almost every analyst and critic predicted the Rays to crush the Yankees, eyeing the current form of both teams. However, the one thing the Rays could not do was break the Bronx Bombers’ fighting spirit. Anthony Volpe spoke to reporters after the game and said the Tampa Bay Rays are indeed a strong team. But as long as the Yankees can put up quality at-bats on the plate, they can stack up against anyone. He believes the New York-based team has what it takes to compete with the mighty Rays, and today they just displayed a small glimpse of their caliber.

Rizzo Shows Support To Volpe After The Latter Gets Dropped Down The Order

Source: Pinstripe Nation

Anthony Volpe massively contributed to the Yankees’ win against the Rays on Friday. Despite being dropped down the order, the shortstop kept his approach intact and delivered. Meanwhile, Anthony Rizzo spoke to reporters and said Volpe is not bothered by where he plays on the order. His at-bats are good, and he has been hitting really well. It’s just that the shortstop is not getting the desired results. But the team fully believes in him and has Volpe’s back all the time. Rizzo says as a rookie, the team’s support during rough times matters a lot, and the Yankees are happy to do the same for him.

Aaron Boone, the Yankees skipper, addressed Volpe’s situation and said he is not much worried about the shortstop’s slump. Anthony Volpe is confident and just wants to help the team win. Hence, Boone believes the results will eventually follow as long as Volpe continues to put in quality at-bats. For Volpe, he is not altering his approach while batting at number seventh. He is happy to bat in any position the team wants, and his intentions will always stay the same, which is to attack from pitch one.