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Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team is desperately finding a way to regain their dominance in the sport of Formula One. After 2021, Red Bull dethroned them as the ultimate champions of the sport, and since then, the Silver Arrows have endured a hard time. Even this season, the team has failed to compete with the drink-based team.

However, after an initial struggle, Mercedes worked hard behind the scenes to figure out the issue and announced a massive incoming upgrade. The said upgrade was introduced in the Monaco Grand Prix, and after that, the team gained fruitful results. Now, ahead of the Austria Grand Prix, the Brackley-based team’s top engineer has made a bold claim which has sent the fans into a frenzy.


Mercedes Is Inching Closer To Victory This Season, Claims Engineer

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Red Bull racing has remained undefeatable and uncatchable this F1 season. They are 10 seconds ahead of every top team on the grid, which makes it impossible for their peers to catch up. However, as far as Mercedes is concerned, they do not intend to hold back. After the upgrade in Monaco, the team attained podium finishes in two races held post that, including a double podium finish in Spain. However, Silver Arrows has claimed that the said upgrade was just the tip of the iceberg. They have more changes lined up, which will be introduced as the season progresses.

Meanwhile, ahead of the Austria Grand Prix, a Mercedes’ top engineer has said that the team is just one upgrade away from victory. Meaning the team is confident of edging past Red Bull this season. The exact nature of the upgrade mentioned by the engineer is unclear, as teams generally keep their development plans under tight wraps. However, he did mention that eliminating the side pods concept was pivotal. It’s the only thing that kept them at bay from competing with Red Bulls. Earlier, team principal Toto Wolff also said that they are most likely to win the British Grand Prix, which will commence in the last stretch of the season. These statements have hyped up the fans. Hopefully, the Silver Arrows will succeed in keeping up the promises.

Toto Wolff Picks Probable Track For Silver Arrows’ First Win This Season

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14

Team Mercedes is desperate for a win. In 2022, the reigning champions of Formula One managed to win only one race. Moreover, this season, the chances of them attaining a P1 finish looks bleak. However, the camp is highly spirited after the double podium finish in Spain. Amid speculation, Mercedes’ team principal, Toto Wolff, has made a bold prediction.

Wolff said that they have two upgrades lined up. The more significant one will come into effect in Silverstone at the British Grand Prix. Toto also went on to say that if the Silver Arrows stand a chance to win a race this season, the track of Silverstone would be their best bet. Silverstone has been the Brackley-based team’s fortress for a while now. Hence, it is highly likely that the team once again regain its dominance in Britain this season.