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Toto Wolff will not be happy until he leads his team Mercedes to winning ways again. Everybody knows how much the team has struggled throughout the previous and current seasons. They needed upgrades to at least start moving in the right direction. Since the start of the season, Mercedes went on with their flawed zero-side pod concept. And sadly, it did not help the team at all.

Moreover, the drivers have been complaining about the rear end for a long time. Apparently, Lewis Hamilton feels the rear end of Red Bull and Aston Martin are awesome. Hence, new upgrades are the need in the situation the Mercedes team finds themselves in. Previously, the Silver Arrows were happy to introduce the B-spec version of W14 in the Monaco GP. Despite that, the Brackley team did not get a podium in Monaco. But the next Grand Prix in Spain showed vast improvement in the pace and execution of the B-spec version of W14. On top of that, the Mercedes boss mentioned that there will be more upgrades to come in before the summer break.


Toto Wolff Reveals New Mercedes Upgrades Coming In The Next Four Races

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 At Monaco GP. Source: Yahoo News

But Toto Wolff warns of more upgrades to come in the following races this year. However, Mercedes should be wary of the cost cap limit. They would not want to breach the budget limit. Otherwise, they will be eligible to pay a penalty. But Toto Wolff had said before that he wouldn’t mind giving up profits to see the team win at least one race this season. Moreover, in an interview with Total, Toto Wolff mentioned that Mercedes is planning to launch new upgrades in the next four races, which are in Austria, England, Hungary, and Belgium. After the Grand Prix in Belgium at the end of July, the summer break will start.

Hence, Formula One will pause for a while. However, Toto Wolff says Mercedes will add two new upgrades before the summer break. Moreover, a big upgrade awaits in the British Grand Prix. But how come there are two more upgrades to come? Toto Wolff replied that the understanding of what the car needs is getting better. Hence, the steps that the team will take will get bigger as well. Moreover, Toto Wolff mentioned, “We’re making good inroads.” Hence, the next four races will be crucial to determine the chances of the Mercedes team this season and the next.

Can Mercedes Stop Red Bull Despite New Upgrades?

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

The Mercedes team got their first double podium this season in the Spanish Grand Prix. However, Toto Wolff was not completely happy as he was aware of the fact that the new upgrades may not work as well in the Canadian Grand Prix. However, Lewis Hamilton earned his third podium this year in Canada, finishing at P3. But the new upgrades are not yet enough to challenge the table leaders as of yet.

Red Bull is cruising to back-to-back constructor’s titles due to the RB19 car and the extraordinary driver Max Verstappen. At the age of 25, the Dutchman has already touched the GP wins record of Ayrton Senna. Moreover, Max has won six out of eight races this season so far. The Red Bull team looks unstoppable at present.