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WATCH: World Champion Max Verstappen Back In Action With Red Bull’s 2024 BEAST RB20

Max Verstappen is still the driver to beat as he has been for a long time now. He has been winning the Driver’s World Championships since 2021. There has been no one else. Thanks to the superior car that Red Bull’s car designer, Adrian Newey, and engine partners, Honda, have been able to build together. Since 2022, there has been no stopping the hegemony of the Austrian team. Moreover, the dominance of the Milton Keynes outfit has been reaching some unprecedented heights. On top of that, other teams have really fallen far behind the Austrian outfit. Teams like McLaren and Aston Martin are trying to copy the Red Bull car’s design to try to catch up to them.

Clearly, Red Bull has the most superior car. Last year, the Austrian outfit won 21 of 22 races. That’s how dominant they have been. But it has not been just the Red Bull car show. In fact, it is fair to say that keeping Max Verstappen out of the equation, would make the season more competitive. That’s what Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said last year. That sure was a logical statement. After all, Max won 19 of those 21 GP victories of Red Bull last season. The Dutch driver has won 34 races in the last two years. And, he is ready to win more in 2024. On Tuesday, Max Verstappen will get on the RB20 for the first time. 


Max Verstappen Ready To Drive The 2024 Red Bull Car

Red Bull Car
Red Bull Car Source: Sky Sports

At present, there does not seem to be any driver more passionate and dedicated than Max Verstappen. He is a pure racer who is the most competitive and ruthless on the grid. Moreover, the Dutch driver is ready to shake down the RB20 at Silverstone on Tuesday. As per RacingNews365, the current three-time champion will be back in action at the same British Grand Prix Venue to check out the 2024 challenger for the first time. It will be a record-breaking F1 Calendar with 24 Grands Prix.

Moreover, it means Max Verstappen can win even more than 20 races this year. Since 2022, the lion’s share of F1 GP wins belong to the Dutch racer. It does not seem like 2024 would be any different. There has been some changes in the shake down rules recently. Now, the teams can cover an overall distance of 200 kilometers. On Pirelli’s demonstration tires, the Red Bull’s RB20 will cover a total of 33 laps. Sergio Perez will join his teammate to try out the new car. 

Will RB20 Be Better Than RB19?

Red Bull's RB19 & Mercedes' W14
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Last year, Red Bull proved that they had the fastest car ever seen in the F1 grid. With the RB19, the Austrian outfit won 21 races. The only race they did not win was the Singaporean Grand Prix. Ferrari and Carlos Sainz Jr. were able to break the Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s streak.

Even Christian Horner said earlier that they won’t be able to repeat the same feat as last year. Moreover, the Red Bull boss also knows how good the RB19 was and that it is hard to replicate something like that once again. No matter what, the Red Bull car is still the machine to beat in 2024.

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