Aaron Judge is one of the biggest names in the Major Baseball League. Over the years, he has become one of the best. However, with celebrity status comes a lot of scandals which becomes the reason for drama. Although such incidents have followed the slugger, the controversy happened with his wife, Samantha Bracksieck. The scandal goes back to when the whole world faced the coronavirus tremble in 2020. And reportedly, Aaron was out attending the Yankees\’ spring camp in Arizona for training.

Judge\’s now wife Samantha was then a high school sweetheart who broke up in 2016. Just before when Aaron Judge made his debut in the MLB, Samantha and Aaron separated ways. However, after years in 2019, both were seen together rekindling their high school love. The two then never had any problem since then and finally tied the knot in 2021. But when Bracksieck got arrested by Arizona Police, Judge was not happy with her behavior. Keep reading to find out what actually happened.


Aaron Judge\’s Wife Samantha Got Arrested In 2020

The police officer pulled over Aaron\’s girlfriend for driving her car without turning on the headlights. When the officer asked her further questions, she revealed that she had two glasses of wine before getting into her car. But when the police tested her on the breathalyzer, it was much higher than the legal limit. Her blood alcohol content came out to be 0.12, and the officers charged her with at least five crimes. The law keepers also arrested her for driving under the extreme influence. And when they started taking her to the station, Samantha started name-dropping.

The incident that took place in 2020 shocked Aaron Judge as he did not expect his girlfriend to get arrested. Let alone the arrest, Bracksieck even used the Yankees slugger\’s name to get out of the situation. Although it did not do much damage to their relationship, the incident became because of the video evidence. During the arrest, Samantha said, \”You don\’t know who my boyfriend is.\” The video of her using Aaron\’s name was a viral moment during corona. After the incident, her former professor Dr. Mark Baldis came to rescue her image in public. Professor said, \”She\’s very bright. She\’s very down-to-earth.\”


Her arrest video came as a shock for everyone who knew Samantha. Even Aaron Judge said that she knows Sam and she is not one of those who would name-drop. Judge also said that she would have got nervous and babbled the first words that came to her. Dr. Mark, their former professor, also said appreciative words about their relationship. According to him, the two were humble students.

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