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WATCH: Stephen Curry Hilariously Mocks Former Teammate During Live Match Report

Stephen Curry did not have a great start to the season. Currently, the Golden State Warriors are 10-11. They are the 11th in the Western Conference. The King of three-pointers must lead the side to get them out of this situation if they want to win the title this season. Moreover, the San Francisco fans would love to see the Golden State Warriors win their 5th title in ten years. That’s how they can maintain the Warriors dynasty. However, in the 2022-23 edition, their season came to an end abruptly as the Los Angeles Lakers blew them away in the second round of the playoffs.

But this season, the Warriors are looking for redemption. And so is the two-time MVP. This year, Stephen Curry also proved his passion for the game of Golf as he won an amateur competition. But coming back to what he does best, Curry wants to lead his team to their 5th title victory. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry believes in keeping the mood fun and light. Recently, he tried to mess with his former teammate Festus Ezeli who is at present a sideline reporter for the team.


Stephen Curry Enjoys A Hilarious Moment With A Former Teammate

Festus Ezeli Stephen Curry Warriors
Festus Ezeli Stephen Curry Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

Clearly, Steph never misses an opportunity to mess around and have fun with his teammates, whether current or former. Apparently, Stephen Curry agreed with what Ezeli was saying about Andrew Wiggins. Ezeli was talking about the return of Wiggins in the Warriors lineup. That’s when the 2022 Bill Russell Finals MVP winner spotted Ezeli. Steph Curry walked back and forth. He even made a wide-eyed face and kept his mouth open. Moreover, the NBC Sports broadcast of the Warriors showed another angle of the very funny moment between Stephen Curry and his former teammate.

Ezeli took time to notice, but when he finally did see Curry walking behind him, Steph complimented Ezeli for his reporting. Ezeli was part of the 2015 Golden State Warriors team alongside Stephen Curry. That’s when the modern-day dynasty began. Moreover, Curry and Ezeli played together in four NBA seasons. Anyhow, since 2015, Steph Curry’s Warriors have gone on to win three more titles in eight years. Can the Warriors win two more titles like the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s or at least one more like the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s? 

Dubnation Are Struggling At Present

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

Steph Curry has been part of the Warriors all his life and has been a great gift to the franchise. However, at present, it does not seem like the Warriors are among the best teams in the Western Conference. They are not performing as well as the San Francisco fans would have liked. Anyway, as long as the three-pointer King is there with the franchise, they will have a shot at the title.

However, the nine-time All-Star would want his teammates to provide him with quality support as well. The Warriors stars like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have not been in their best form. Hence, they must work harder to regain their best form as soon as possible. The GSW team has already played more than 20 games this season.