Marcus Stroman Yankees

Marcus Stroman’s signing this off-season surely took a lot of fans by surprise. His past beef with New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was not forgotten. However, the front office insisted water was under the bridge, and both parties made their peace a long time ago.

That being said, Marcus Stroman is here to reverse the negative narrative around him. A New York native himself, the starting pitcher feels largely misjudged, and being with the Yankees is a golden opportunity for him to win back the fans. Moreover, Stroman has been handed a big responsibility for Yank’s home opener on Friday against the Toronto Blue Jays.


Marcus Stroman Ready To Show Why He’s Built To Thrive With Yankees!

Marcus Stroman Yankees
Marcus Stroman Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Born and raised in Long Island, Marcus Stroman‘s life has come full circle as he signed a two-year $37 million contract with the New York Yankees earlier this off-season. And this year, Stroman is on a mission to change the negative narrative surrounding him. Often being criticized for his bold opinions, Stroman claims he is quiet in real life. He spent his childhood turning up for Yanks games with his dad and dreamt of someday playing in the same arena. Not only that, the pitcher says he is the kind of person who lives in the moment and makes the most of it. But not once has he been the crazy kind of pitcher or a person in general.

That being said, Marcus Stroman is thrilled and grateful as he has been given an opportunity to start in the Yankees season opener against the Blue Jays. It’s nothing short of a dream come true moment for him, and Stroman is headstrong to not let the opportunity die. Stroman added that, unlike many MLB-level pitchers, he is not intimidated by the spotlight. While many like to avoid it, he uses it as extra motivation to unleash his true potential. Not only that, the pitcher says having been raised in New York, he is familiar with the competitive environment. Stroman personally works extremely hard during the off-season so that he can absorb the same pressure. Hence, he is confident that he will make a strong debut at home in the Bronx and firmly confident that he will achieve success in his home, New York City.

Gerrit Cole’s Recovery On Track But Still No Timeline Set For Return!

Gerrit Cole, Yankees
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since elbow injury diagnosis, New York Yankees ace and reigning AL CY Young pitcher Gerrit Cole updated on his rehabilitation process. Cole affirmed his recovery is headed in the right direction. He has had a lot of good days on field. “Everything’s been going nicely. Coming along pretty smoothly, for sure,” Cole added.

However, as far as a return timeline is concerned, Gerrit Cole was unable to spit out a date. He does not even have a date for when he will be able to throw again, let alone make a comeback for the New York Yankees. In an ideal world, Cole should be able to return in the first week of June, given no further setbacks.

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