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One of the longest-serving players of the NBA, LeBron James, will turn 40 this year and has started to show signs of decline. He spent a significant half of the previous season on IL and continues to perform on a workload management plan with the Los Angeles Lakers.

While he brushed aside retirement rumors in style during last year’s ESPN Awards, LeBron James will eventually have to concede in his battle with Father Time. And for the first time in the recent past, James openly admitted having retirement thoughts just moments after he registered his career-high game vs. Brooklyn Nets.


LeBron James Admits Retirement Around The Corner As Lakers Ride On Strong Road Trip!

LeBron James
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With playoff hopes hanging by a thread, the Los Angeles Lakers came alive in the recent road trip, having won four of the five games thus far. The Lakers currently sit ninth on the Western Conference points table with a 44-33 win-loss record. That being said, the purple and gold recently delivered a sensational win against the Brooklyn Nets, where veteran forward LeBron James delivered his career-best performance. James finished with 40 points, seven rebounds, and five assists whilst recording a career-best nine 3-pointers. While LeBron was amazed by his performance, he admitted thoughts of retirement creeping in. In a post-game media interview, the 39-year-old stated his time in the NBA is limited. While he doesn’t know when he will hang up the boots, the decisive moment is just around the corner.

“Not very long. I don’t know when that door will close or when I’ll retire, but I don’t have much time left,” said LeBron James. Notably, James threatened retirement last season after being crushed by the Denver Nuggets in the conference finals. However, the forward announced his return for his 21st NBA season in style during the ESPN Awards. While LeBron would have preferred to retire sometime back, his final wish to play alongside his eldest son, Bronny James, remains unfulfilled. Bronny will be eligible to enter the draft next season. But as to where he gets drafted, if at all he gets picked, remains uncertain. So far, James has been loyal to the Lakers. But his future in the league will largely depend on how Bronny’s situation unfolds. Overall, LeBron James’ end is near, and he isn’t expected to last beyond the next couple of seasons.

LeBron Becomes Immortal In NBA History!

LeBron James

In a latest achievement that is nearly undefeatable, LeBron James unlocked 40,000 career points earlier this NBA season. Last year, he surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar to become the NBA player with the most career points. Further boosting his longevity, LeBron unlocked the 40,000 career points milestone, thus extending his unmatched legacy in the sport.

That being said, LeBron James has nothing left to achieve in the NBA. His longevity ensured his name stayed in the conversation of the greatest of all time. While many undermine his achievements, LeBron will also be remembered as one of the greatest of all time until the existence of the sport of basketball.

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