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Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SBNation.com

Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton are currently neck and neck in the Driver’s championship. It will be highly interesting to see who finally secures the P2 finish after the two remaining Grands Prix. Moreover, F1 moved to a new venue for the weekend this year. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is the new event added to this year’s F1 calendar.

Many drivers are eager to race in Las Vegas, but not the current triple-time champion. Max Verstappen feels the calendar keeps getting hectic for the drivers. Moreover, they will have to move to Abu Dhabi for the final race this year from Las Vegas. Hence, the teams should be ready to feel the discomfort of jet lag.


Sergio Perez Trolls Lewis Hamilton As The Latter Felt Sleepy In Driver’s Briefing

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Lewis Hamilton Sergio Perez Source: The Sports Rush

Moreover, there were several drivers like Max who didn’t like the idea of an added GP. However, Lewis Hamilton never claimed to have a problem with a Grand Prix in Las Vegas. But Sergio Perez noted that Hamilton was sleepy in the recent driver’s briefing. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton generally claims that if he has sufficient training, he can avoid any sort of jet lag. But the video clip that Checo posted shows the seven-time champion feeling a bit tired. Moreover, it is essential that not just Lewis Hamilton but every driver gets sufficient rest because the race timing in Las Vegas will be different and challenging.

For instance, the teams will take the cars on the track at midnight for the qualifying sessions. On top of that, the teams will take the cars around the track at 10 pm local time on Saturday. Moreover, this challenging timing has led to many drivers and F1 personnel feeling jet-lagged on their way to Nevada. Hence, no matter how much a driver trains, the chances of the hectic schedule of the F1 calendar getting to them is massive. That’s what happened to Lewis Hamilton, apparently.

Exciting Battle Between Checo And Hamilton Awaits This Season

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Sergio Perez Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

On the other hand, Sergio Perez had a decent outing in FP1 and FP2 in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Checo finished in P9 in the first practice session. Later, he finished in P4 in the second practice session. It was a lot to round off a hectic and pretty long Thursday for everybody. But Checo told F1.com that it is a shame that the first practice session had to end in the way it did. Max Verstappen has won the 2023 championship a long time back in the Japanese Grand Prix. Hence, it has been a battle for the second place for a long time this season.

Moreover, the seven-time champion has performed exceedingly well this year with a car that was not comfortable and in no way close to a championship-winning caliber. He went past Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso to rise up at P3, where he’s currently. Now, the exciting battle between Checo and Hamilton is poised evenly. If Sergio Perez beats Lewis Hamilton in the end, then Red Bull will finish with their first-ever one-two finish in a season. Hence, the excitement is not yet over this season.