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Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Daily Express

Mercedes looks to win at the new Las Vegas Grand Prix this season. They have been winless since the Brazilian Grand Prix last year. Moreover, the rival Red Bull team dominated the year, winning every race except one so far. The only team other than the Austrian team that won this year has been Ferrari. Hence, Toto Wolff’s team is the only powerhouse that has been winless so far this season. Before heading to the new season, the Silver Arrows would like to finish the current one with a win in the last two races of the year.

Moreover, the whole of Formula One is full of excitement at present as they are having a new race in Las Vegas. It is the third US Grand Prix of F1 in 2023. They already had GPs in Miami and Texas. But the new addition to the F1 calendar this year was intriguing for everyone, including the Mercedes boss. Lately, the Mercedes team principal got angry at a press conference ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Toto Wolff got furious after a journalist called the FP1 events in Las Vegas “Black Eye” for the sport. 


Why Mercedes Boss Disliked The Las Vegas GP Criticism?

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff
Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Source:

The FP1 session of the Las Vegas Grand Prix did not last long. After eight minutes in the FP1 session, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr. brought his car to a stop straight down the strip. It was disappointing to see the first-ever session in Las Vegas come to an end so abruptly. Now, there is footage that shows a concrete drain frame sucked up the Ferrari’s underside and destroyed it. That’s why the team ordered Sainz to stop the car as the driver, and the car took a serious jolt. Later, a media member called it a “Black eye” for the sport. F1 is itself a promoter of the new Grand Prix, and it cost them more than $500 million to organize an F1 GP in Las Vegas.

Moreover, Toto Wolff responded to the media member, saying that’s a completely ridiculous claim. The Mercedes boss mentioned it is not a big deal because that’s just FP1. Moreover, Toto Wolff demanded praise for everyone who brought F1 back to Las Vegas. He mentioned, “How can anybody talk bad about an event that sets a new standard for the sport and everything?” Moreover, the Mercedes boss claims that drain cover issues have happened before. It’s FP1. Hence, it is nothing, says Wolff.

Lewis Hamilton Says He Had A Blast In FP2 At The Las Vegas Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

After the curtailing of FP1, the FP2 session got delayed heftily. In an interview with Ted Kravitz of Sky Sports F1, Hamilton mentioned he had a lot of fun learning about the layout in Las Vegas. Adding to that, Hamilton mentioned the track is incredibly fast. Anyway, Lewis Hamilton is just glad that every racer got to drive again.

Albeit, he knows it was not great about what happened at FP1. But he praised the organizers for fixing the issues fast to let the drivers have an interesting session. After the FP2 session, Hamilton thought everyone was on the similar tire. Hence, he doesn’t think Mercedes is too far off than the rest in Las Vegas.