Drive To Survive

Indeed, the Netflix documentary show, Drive To Survive is responsible for the sudden increment of Formula One fans in America and also in the world. The ten episodes of the show cover the struggles of the ten team Formula One teams. It highlights the hidden emotions of the drivers that are unseen on the tracks. Netflix has already made four seasons of Drive To Survive, covering the incidents of the past four seasons. Now that the 2022 season is over, fans are waiting for the exclusive fifth season.

Netflix Formula One Drive To Survive Season 5 Releasing Of 24th Feb 2023.

The release date of Drive to Survive Season 5 has been set for 24th February. But, before the release of the show, eager fans of the Netflix show can look at these behind the scene pictures. Netflix UK has shared this through their Instagram page. They captioned the photos, “here is your first look at Formula One: Drive to Survive Season 5. Only on Netflix, 24 Feb”.


Looking at the incidents that took place in 2022, it is just confirmed that the fifth season of the show will be the most interesting one. There have been the on-track intense moments of Max Verstappen, which sometimes went beyond the track to the mother’s hand. One of the hilarious moments of the 2022 F1 season was found by the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. He found it funny and worth featuring on Drive To Survive that Max Verstappen’s mother commented on Sergio Perez’s personal life issues after the Interlagos controversy.

Plot For The Upcoming DTS Season 5

Meanwhile, the plot of the F1: Drive To Survive Season 5 is very much clear after seeing the revealed ten photos. The first one is directly suggesting the moments of the Bahrain Grand Prix when Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement. The world champion Max Verstappen, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, and Sebastian Vettel in the middle is already enough to gain the world’s attention towards the post.

The second episode of season 5 will probably deal with the French driver Pierre Gasly’s crashes. He is, at present, just two penalty points behind from getting his F1 license suspended. During the 2022 season, the Alpha Tauri driver announced that he was leaving the umbrella of Red Bull by moving to the French team Alpine.

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In the third episode of Drive To Survive Season 5, we may see Daniel Ricciardo. Amid the struggling 2022 F1 season of MacLaren, Ricciardo was not re-welcomed by the team. It was announced that by the end of the season, he would exit from McLaren as they are not offering him a new contract. However, after the season’s end, Danieal Ricciardo was welcomed by his ex-team, Red Bull as a reserve driver. So fans are finally not going to miss the Ricciardo things from F1 paddocks.

The rest of the episodes will cover the friction between Alpine and Haas that took place in the US Grand Prix. The fifth season of Drive To Survive will also feature Ferrari’s comeback. The team was doing so well initially, but how a silly mistake took them away from the championship path. And, of course, the worst year of Mercedes will get a separate discussion.

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