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WATCH: Max Verstappen Caught Off Guard As Girlfriend Kelly Piquet Gets Intimate With Him On A Live Stream Sim Event

It is evident that Max Verstappen has the most open relationship with girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, on the F1 paddock. They never shy away from showing affection on the grid. The couple also have helmet kisses after each victory. On top of that, they make cute videos of each other dancing. Apparently, Kelly Piquet is able to get the ruthless competitive Max to fall asleep and his lovey-dovey side to wake up.

Everybody knows how much the Dutchman loves virtual sim racing. Even if he does not have a big dream to continue in F1 in the future, Verstappen has strong resolutions regarding sim racing. He wants to make this genre of racing widely popular in the future. More often than not, when the Red Bull driver is not taking part in F1, he spends time sim racing at home. That is how Verstappen keeps his competitive energy awake. However, at home, there can be a lot of distractions while someone works or practices, or even play video games. Recently, such a situation occurred when Max Verstappen was busy live streaming one of his sim racing.


Fans Have A Laugh At Max’s Reaction After Kelly Interrupts His Sim Racing

Max Verstappen Kelly Piquet
Max Verstappen Kelly Piquet Source: FirstSportz

A hilarious collision of his love for his girlfriend Kelly Piquet and sim racing happened. When Max Verstappen was sim racing with intense focus, his girlfriend Piquet, unaware of the live stream, leaned in to kiss the current double-time Formula One Champion. However, what happened next made headlines. Since caught off guard, Verstappen reacted hilariously, trying his best to cover the camera as fast as possible. He covered the camera before anybody could see his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet kissing him.

But the fans never let go of such moments that easily. The reaction amused the fans, and they released it on social media stating how terrified Verstappen was. The fans caught the Dutchman panicking red-handed. It was Max’s wide-eyed facial reactions that made the fans laugh out loud. Moreover, the fans found Verstappen’s vain attempt in trying to slide the whole incident under the radar. However, these days it is not easy to get past the eagle eyes of the fans. They had a laugh on social media at the innocent attempts of Verstappen.

Nobody Really Follows The 100-Meter Rule Of Max Verstappen At Home

Max Verstappen Penelope Piquet
Max Verstappen Penelope Piquet Source: Daily Express

Moreover, this type of chaos has not been happening for the first time with Max Verstappen’s live streaming of his sim races. Kelly’s daughter, Penelope Piquet, usually barges in while Max is busy sim racing. However, Verstappen likes to keep his door closed. For instance, one time, Penelope Piquet came in to remind Verstappen of the promise of the tea party. To get his attention, Piquet Junior hit the current double-time champion and covered his face.

Hence, Penelope is a usual feature of Max’s live sim race streaming. However, if it is not Kelly or Penelope, the cats of Verstappen interrupt the proceedings sometimes. But the current double-time champion has a handy 100-meter rule. He has a strict policy at home that nobody interferes with him on race days. Albeit, Max and his girlfriend’s PDAs are nothing new. It is good to know that the 25-year-old champ likes to keep private stuff private.