Joel Embiid Vs Lakers

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Lakers Have A Solid Chance To Land Crucial MVP Alongside LeBron James This Offseason!

Los Angeles Lakers have been superb in the current offseason. They have done everything they needed to keep the core together. That is what the front office planned from Day 1 of the offseason. It was essential to keep the core together because the Lakers had been through a reshuffling in the mid-season in February. The end result of the reshuffling was that the 17-time champions were able to make the postseason.

But not just that, as they also reached the conference finals. It was a tremendous turnaround as the Lakers were once 2-10 in the beginning. Hence, Rob Pelinka and Darvin Ham believe that this core can actually win titles for the team. However, there is another chance of a pretty valuable signing for the Lakers. The Los Angeles side has a teeny tiny possibility of acquiring the current MVP, Joel Embiid.


Will The Lakers Acquire The MVP?

Joel Embiid Vs Lakers
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Albeit, they are not the top contender to get Embiid. But Rob Pelinka and his team are among the contenders. It would be really insane to get the current MVP in the Lakers roster. What a sight would it be if Joel Embiid played alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis? According to BetOnline, the Lakers have +650 odds to acquire Joel Embiid successfully. But the question is will the Philadelphia 76ers trade both James Harden and Joel Embiid? The top contender to get Harden is the Los Angeles Clippers. But the Lakers have a good chance to get Embiid. But they are the sixth team with the contention to get the MVP.

The top five teams are Miami Heat, New Orleans Pelicans, the Dallas Mavericks, the Brooklyn Nets, and the New York Knicks. However, this deal could see the Lakers part ways with Anthony Davis or some other valuable player from the roster. Even though the idea of acquiring Joel Embiid is tempting, after all, he is the MVP. Will the Lakers take a risk to pay a big sum for Philly? However, the Lakers would not want to disrupt the current situation. The 17-time champions are well set with the current mix they have got. They have balance and faith in the roster to do something amazing next season. However, buying the MVP is always a tempting idea.

Rob Pelinka And Darvin Ham Are Happy To Keep The Core Together

Rob Pelinka Darvin Ham Lakers
Rob Pelinka Darvin Ham Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

The General Manager and the head coach believe they have a shot next season. However, it was essential to have balance in the roster. Hence, the top priority was to retain Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, and D’Angelo Russell, who were heading toward free agency. That’s what the Lakers have been able to do. They retained these players for multi-year contracts.

Moreover, they acquired more players to increase the balance, like Gabe Vincent, who is a replacement for Dennis Schroder. But more players like Cam Reddish and Taurean Prince. Reddish has been in the plan of the front office for a long time. Finally, they got him in the current offseason. Moreover, Prince has been a really good signing in terms of the worth of the deal.