LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Marca.com

Stephen Curry hails from the place where LeBron James came from. As a result, there was a lot of comparisons when Steph debuted in the NBA. However, it was clear from the start that the game styles of the two kids from Akron, Ohio, are completely different. Moreover, LeBron James used his physical power to dominate other teams and obviously his incredible basketball IQ. On the other hand, Steph changed the game forever with his incredible shooting. Very rarely, a basketball fan might have seen Curry dunk. Or has he ever?

Anyway, his shooting from beyond the arc has transformed the game completely. Moreover, he is also another star player with an incredible basketball IQ. However, the way the current season started, the Dubs Nation is gradually losing hope. Moreover, Stephen Curry has not been at his best. Lately, Curry has had two back-to-back underwhelming performances. Now, the Dubs Nation is showing their frustration with Steph on social media.


Dub Nation Roasts Stephen Curry After Back To Back Poor Outings

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: eduaspirant.com

Lately, the GSW lost to the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets, on Christmas Day. As usual, Stephen Curry had another awful Christmas outing. Then again, the Miami Heat got the better of the Warriors. The Heat won 114-102. Stephen Curry scored 13 points after shooting 3 for 15 from the field. It was a tough night for the Dubs and Steph. The two-time MVP could not perform well against the Heat’s defensive strategy. Moreover, the reason why it is even more disappointing is because the Dubs were playing at home court. As a result, the netizens roasted Stephen Curry, saying LeBron James outlived his prime.

On top of that, some fans claimed Steph doesn’t have a Killer mentality. Then again, some fans compared the stats and said old LeBron James is better than the current Stephen Curry. Even Steph Curry is not happy with his own and the team’s performance in general. But the true Steph fans know that the three-point King is famous for coming back stronger. Now, those Dub fans will be eagerly waiting for that strong comeback. 

Can Steph Prove The Doubters Wrong Again?

Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors
Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

Initially, at the start of his career, many naysayers claimed Curry won’t be able to survive in the league given that he’s been a skinny kid always. However, the baby-faced assassin proved these doubters wrong time and again. That’s the reason why Stephen Curry is a four-time champion and a two-time MVP. He changed the legacy of the Golden State Warriors forever. Before 2015, perhaps nobody thought that it was possible to see the Warriors become a modern-day dynasty.

The last time they won a championship was in 1975, and that was the third in their franchise history. But from 2015 to 2018, Stephen Curry led the franchise to win three titles. Later, the Warriors won again in 2022. In eight years, they won four times. Now, they wish to win five in ten years. Something like the LA Lakers have done in two different decades.