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The New York Yankees have encountered stiff challenges this off-season while pursuing pitching talents. The front office laid high hopes on Yoshinobu Yamamoto. However, the sweepstakes fell apart after the LA Dodgers put in an extra $25 million to the Yanks’ existing offer. Ultimately, Yamamoto headed to the Dodgers on a historic free-agency deal.

Having said that, the Yankees have sorted out fallback options. Jordan Montgomery, Blake Snell, and Josh Hader, amongst others, are the top pitchers currently available in the market. However, Manuel Gomez of NJ Media has suggested a splash trade deal through which the Bronx Bombers can land a former CY Young runner-up starter.


Yankees Linked To Dylan Cease In Splash Trade Deal!

Dylan Cease
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As the New York Yankees assess their pitching needs and consider potential upgrades to their rotation, the idea of pursuing Dylan Cease from the Chicago White Sox emerges as an intriguing possibility. Dylan Cease, at 28 years old, represents a young and promising arm with significant upside. His fastball velocity, complemented by a mix of off-speed pitches, has made him a strikeout threat. Cease has showcased the potential to be a valuable asset in a starting rotation over his five-year-long MLB career. Cease’s ability to generate strikeouts is a coveted trait in modern pitching. For the Yanks, having a pitcher who can miss bats is crucial for success, especially in high-pressure situations. Overall, adding Dylan Cease to the rotation would enhance the team’s pitching depth.

Dylan Cease has hit arbitration this year, and with the right offer, the White Sox would oblige the trade request. Moreover, the pitcher is under team control for two more seasons, offering the New York Yankees a chance to not only benefit from his current performance but also have him as part of their pitching plans for the foreseeable future. Speaking of numbers, Cease pitched a stellar 2.20 ERA season in 2022, wherein he barely missed out on the CY Young Award. While his numbers plummeted in 2023, the pitcher is still young with loads of potential. Having said that, acquiring a young and talented pitcher like Cease would likely require a significant trade package. The Bombers can risk parting with non-performing bats to land a strong starting pitching option. Overall, balancing the desire for immediate impact with long-term sustainability becomes a key consideration for the Yanks.

NYY Keen On Reunion With Jordan Montgomery!

Montgomery has a 3.35 ERA over 27 starts with the Cardinals since being traded last August, preparing to face the Yankees over the weekend in St. Louis.AP

While Dylan Cease is an ideal option, the New York Yankees are stuck on Jordan Montgomery. The pitcher who NYY traded in 2022 won a world championship with the Texas Rangers in 2023. Not only that, the starter pitched well in the postseason, thus defying the false narrative tagged by the Yanks of him not being a postseason-ready pitcher.

However, Jordan Montgomery is a free agent. With Rangers unsure of an extension, the Yankees intend to reverse their mistake and want to welcome Montgomery back to the Bronx. As per insider Jon Heyman, the team has had an internal discussion about the reunion and seems pretty adamant about following the reunion pursuit.