The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of a terrible NBA season. The core group has been out of touch and has lacked consistency. On top of that, Draymond Green’s absence owing to indefinite suspension is making things worse for Dubs superstar Steph Curry. He has lost an anchor, and a playmaker is Green.

Having said that, while the bench strength has stepped up on the occasion, it’s not enough for the Warriors to compete with the strongest forces in the NBA. Recently, the team witnessed a heavy loss against the Miami Heat, and rookie Brandin Podziemski stepped up to take accountability. However, Dubs’ veteran Klay Thompson does not agree with the rookie.


Klay Thompson Proud Of Brandin Podziemski Taking Accountability For Heat’s Loss!

Brandin Podziemski

Golden State Warriors squared off with the Miami Heat on Friday, and the former witnessed a humiliating 114-102 loss. While seven Dubs players clocked double-digit points, it simply wasn’t enough to keep a Jimmy Butler-less Heat at bay. Moreover, after the loss, rookie Brandin Podziemski took accountability for the loss and said that it was his fault the team didn’t cross the finish line. Not only that, Brandin rated his performance against the Heat as career-worst. “Tonight was probably my worst performance of the year,” said Podziemski. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson, who appeared before the media after the rookie, initially laughed off Brandin’s statement. He called the rookie dramatic for shouldering the blame for the loss on himself.

Thompson said that it’s wrong to blame Brandin Podziemski for the loss against the Heat. It’s hard to produce the kind of energy Brandin does throughout 82 nights a year. Moreover, Klay feels the rookie is performing to the best of his ability, and the blame for the loss against Miami should fall on the entire team and not just Brandin alone. “It’s just not the best performance for the night from anybody,” added Thompson. Having said that, Thompson’s response reflects a veteran’s perspective on team dynamics and the ebbs and flows of an NBA season. While acknowledging the rookie’s accountability, Thompson emphasizes the collective nature of the team’s journey. On the flip side, for Podziemski, this experience could serve as a valuable learning moment in his rookie season. Taking ownership of mistakes and learning from them are integral aspects of a player’s development in the league.

Warriors Coach Offers Brutal Assessment On Heat’s Loss!

Steve Kerr
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Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors acclaimed head coach, also reacted to the team’s loss to Miami Heat and took a blunt approach. During the post-game press conference, Kerr reckoned that the Dubs got demoralized on Friday. They were out-coached, out-worked, and out-played in all departments. He added that it felt like one of those nights where the team lacked competitiveness.

Warriors had control over the game in the first half. Since the Heat was short-handed without Jimmy Butler, the team was expected to capitalize on the momentum. However, it’s just a kind of season for the Dubs where nothing is going in its favor. They lost the lead due to miscues in defense, and the Splash Brother’s missed chances on the rim eventually cost them a win.