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There\’s a case to be made that Draymond Green is the finest defender of this generation of players and is one of the league\’s best defensive players overall. Evidently, Basketball underwent a revolution thanks largely to Green and the Golden State Warriors. The club won four titles during the Stephen Curry era thanks to his multi-positional defending and dominance on that end of the court. Being a player who constantly blurs the line between a legal play and a foul is one of the things for which Draymond Green is renowned. But recently, Green has put forth a very important issue in respect of the game. But what is that? Keep reading to find out.

Draymond Green Says Refs Treated Him Differently!

NBA star Draymond Green was recently featured in the podcast named Caffeine TV. During the conversation, Green asserted that he receives different treatment from the officials than other players. He claimed that they adhere to a set of \”Draymond Green guidelines\” when it came to him. Not only that, Green mentioned the instance when Evan Mobley kicked LeBron James in the head. He stated that it was not met with the same hatred when he punched James in the groin during the 2016 NBA Finals.


For Draymond Green, a standout for the Golden State Warriors, the 2016 NBA Playoffs were quite exciting. Of course, in the 2016 NBA Finals, Green and the Warriors notoriously let a 3-1 lead over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers slip away. Green\’s involvement in a fight with James during Game 4 of the championship series resulted in him receiving a flagrant foul. This is because he accumulated blatant points, and the Warriors forward was punished for Game 5 of the series. To capture the first championship in their club\’s history, the Cavaliers won the fifth game of the series. They also rolled to victories in games six and seven.

Although many Warriors supporters would disagree, they will point out that Draymond Green\’s punishment at the time was justified because it might have lost the team the 2016 title. Green also believes that he should receive the same treatment from officials as all other players. 


Draymond Green is currently preparing to defend the Golden State Warriors championship title in the 2022-2023 NBA season. And in order for the club to repeat as champions, Green must be strong as the foundation of their defense. He should make exceptional plays to create lanes for Stephen Curry to score. Undoubtedly, Draymond Green is expected to have another successful year. He may also be selected to another All-Star squad the following year.

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