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Stephen Curry wants to win more titles with the Golden State Warriors. He is not yet giving up. Some believe Father Time might be catching up with the three-point King. But at the moment, he is busy preparing for the next Paris Olympics, which will be his first appearance in the Summer Games. Moreover, he wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of winning an Olympic gold medal. In this case, he needs to help his national team defend their last two Olympic Gold wins. Team USA will enter the Paris Olympics with a modern-day Dream Team with Steve Kerr as head coach.

Moreover, it seems like Kerr and Curry will return as the coach and leader of the Warriors next season. But what’s not clear is if they will have the same core intact. Draymond Green is still under contract with the Dubs. However, Klay Thompson is the one with an unrestricted free agency. He may choose to move elsewhere in the offseason. But the Warriors may try to keep the same core intact. However, the question is whether keeping the core will help them win more NBA Championships.


The Dilemma Of Keeping The Core Together Might Cost Stephen Curry His 5th Ring

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
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Clearly, whatever the Dubs organization chooses to do regarding Klay Thompson’s free agency, Stephen Curry will have a role to play in decision-making. After the Sacramento Kings knocked them out in the play-in tournament in the 2023-2024 season, Curry said in a press conference, “I can’t imagine playing without the ‘Two.'” Obviously, he meant Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Even the veteran forward said on his podcast that Steph told him, “It’s not yet over.” Hence, the plan is still to keep the core together. Lately, Mark Willard of 95.7 The Game podcast mentioned that this season was really bad for the Dubs. He added that it seemed like he has not seen them play in as many as four years. The host of the podcast also said that he would not want the team to repeat their mistakes of this year again.

Willard always believed that if one team stays the same, they just get worse. The Game podcast host pointed out the lack of depth revolving around an aging core. Thompson had a 0-10 FG performance in the elimination game. Moreover, the hoops community got a lot of reports about that over the last few days. As per reports, ‘China Klay’ had his worst season in nine years this time. Hence, it is not just about one game. Perhaps Willard is right, suggesting that the Warriors need to add more depth, even if it means sacrificing the core so that they can win more titles in the upcoming seasons.

Klay Thompson Likely To Explore All The External Options

Klay Thompson Warriors
Klay Thompson Warriors Source: Basketball Network

Recently, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that for the first time in over a decade, the veteran shooting guard would likely explore all the external options in free agency. Several teams like the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and so on are eager to sign the splash brother of Steph Curry. Charania says, “Klay intends to test his free agency.” Lately, there have been rumors that the Bulls might trade Alex Caruso.

He might be a strong contender to replace the Dub’s sharpshooter. Even though Klay is an aging star, his defensive and offensive abilities are among the best in the league. Hence, the Warriors have to be smart enough to find a worthy replacement if the shooting guard finally signs elsewhere.

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