Juan Soto Yankees
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Juan Soto has proved over the years that he is a special talent. Experts call him a “Generational talent.” His agent, Scott Boras, called him a “Centurion.” This means that he is one of the top 100 players ever to play the game. Well, it might not be a very outrageous call, especially coming from the MLB super agent Boras. After all, the Dominican superstar has an impressive resume that any player would love to have before they hang their boots. But the best part about the Childish Bambino is that he is just 25 years old.

Already, he has won a World Series, four Silver Slugger Awards, and so on. He has been a three-time All-Star and a batting champion. Moreover, he is now representing the most successful MLB team in history. Next offseason, Juan Soto is going to be the biggest free agent available. He has been part of the New York Yankees for almost three months in the regular season, and he has already been the most impactful player on the NY side. Lately, Soto displayed his ability to multi-task in a game against the Boston Red Sox.


Juan Soto Catches A Fly Ball While Answering A Fan Question

Juan Soto Yankees
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On Sunday, the Yankees were playing Game 3 against their arch-rivals, the Red Sox. During that game, Juan Soto gave an interview with the Sunday Night Baseball crew of ESPN. As the outfielder had been mic’d up, the crew asked him a fan question, “Who do you think makes the loudest contact sound while hitting the ball – Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, or Bryce Harper?” Meanwhile, Connor Wong of the Boston side hit a fly ball that came Soto’s way. Then, Juan Soto ran as fast as he could, and he was able to make the play eventually. While running, he answered the ESPN question, saying, “Harper, Definitely, it sounds different as he comes from the minors to the big leagues.”


After the Dominican slugger made the play, he threw the ball to the crowd. That’s how the third inning came to an end with an out. Anyway, Juan Soto was not able to record any hits over three at-bats. But he did record a walk. Eventually, the Boston Red Sox won the game convincingly with a 9-3 victory. Since that was the second loss for the Yankees that series, the Red Sox took home a 2-1 series win against their arch-rivals. At present, the Yankees are battling against another division rivals, the Baltimore Orioles. They have won the first game. Hence, currently, the Bronx Bombers are 51-24.

Yankees Captain Votes For The Dominican Superstar In MVP Poll

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Aaron Judge believes his partner in baseball crime deserves to win the American League Most Valued Player award this year. Recently, the Yankees captain has been leading the MVP poll in many offense-related categories. But Judge believes Soto’s impact on the team has been immense.

He praised the 25-year-old Generational talent for his incredible defensive plays and improvements in that department. Moreover, Judge says, “Soto is always on base for me, making things easier.” Along with Juan Soto, Aaron Judge credits Anthony Volpe as the “Engine of the Yankees offense.”

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