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Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga stands on the court during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Clippers Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

The Golden State Warriors are gradually getting back on the right track. Last season, the Dubs had a humiliating end to the campaign as the Los Angeles Lakers beat them in the conference semis. The team representing San Francisco wants to win their fifth title in ten years. They are the modern-day dynasty. But in the current regular season, the Dubs had a very shaky start. It is concerning because a lot of people think the dynasty is beginning to crumble. Steve Kerr knows that very well. And the Warriors coach is planning everything out as per what they need to do on a given day.

Albeit, there are some injury issues in the camp. Moreover, the Warriors are not able to play with their main lineup because Draymond Green is unavailable. Anyhow, they have quality players in the mix. Moreover, Steve Kerr is planning each player’s game time accordingly. Recently, Jonathan Kuminga mentioned his game time is getting shorter every game. But the Warriors coach has no problem with such complaints.


Steve Kerr Has No Problem With Jonathan Kuminga’s Complaints

Jonathan Kuminga Steve Kerr Warriors
Jonathan Kuminga Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Sporting News

In the game against the Nuggets, Andrew Wiggins got more game time instead of JK. But the Warriors lost the game 114-120. Moreover, Jonathan Kuminga has scored in double digits every game in December. Anyhow, the Warriors coach does not seem to give him a more consistent role yet. Moreover, Kuminga mentioned nobody guards him when he is with the ball. However, there are times when he has to get the ball to his OGs for sure. Jonathan Kuminga said that’s when it gets confusing because sometimes he comes out of the game without total knowledge of what he did. Most of all, that’s what messes with his mind. He said he’s not sure what the Warriors want him to do.

Should he pass or do different things? But Steve Kerr said that he doesn’t mind JK’s complaints. The Dubs coach knows that JK is a talented guy and like every guy he also wants to play as long as he can. But as a coach, Kerr said he must read the game well. In that game, Wiggins was the best option. Down the stretch, the team decided to go with Andrew Wiggins because he was playing well in that position. It is not very hard to decide on the part of the Warriors coach. Kerr said it will vary from game to game because that’s where his team is at present. And JK too. 

Warriors Need Their Main Trio To Come Back Stronger

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry & Draymond Green Warriors Source:

The top players have not been able to give their best yet. Draymond Green has been the biggest disappointment so far this season for the Dub Nation. He already served his second suspension even before the first 30 games of the current ongoing season. On the other hand, Klay Thompson has not been at his best since the start of the season. However, the Splash brothers have helped the Warriors win quite a few games already. As usual, Stephen Curry has been the biggest hope for the Dub Nation.

The Warriors have a shot at the title as long as the three-point King is healthy and sound. However, it seems Curry can’t get rid of the Christmas curse. He generally plays badly at every game on December 25. That’s what happened this year, too, against the defending champions the Denver Nuggets. Anyhow, the Warriors are 15-15 at present. But a .500 record won’t help them win the title in 2024.