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Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Blue Man Hoop

The Golden State Warriors have been on a roll recently. After starting the season horribly, they have made some improvements in the standings. Albeit they are narrowly hanging as the 10th seed of the Western Conference, they know they could have been among the top six teams. If they manage to get there, they can avoid the play-in tournament and qualify directly for the playoffs. And the Dubs believe in their abilities to be dangerous in the playoffs for their opponents. However, last year, the Los Angeles Lakers handed the Golden State Warriors a painful defeat in the conference semis.

The Dubs would not want to repeat that in 2024 if they get there. Anyhow, the Warriors believe in their main core that they can turn things around in the remainder of the regular season. This main core, under the coaching of Steve Kerr, has won four titles in eight years. Moreover, a lot of credit goes to the former Chicago Bulls star to build the Dubs Dynasty. That’s what the Warriors believe, too, as a whole organization. Hence, the Dubs organization recently signed Coach Kerr for a historic contract extension. 


The Warriors Made Steve Kerr The Highest Paid Coach In NBA’s History

Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors
Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Inc. Magazine

According to The Guardian, two people confirmed that Coach Kerr has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the Warriors. This extension is worth $35 million. And the two people that confirmed have direct knowledge of the contract negotiations. These people chose to be anonymous as Steve Kerr has not signed the contract yet. From the sources of the coach’s agents at Priority Sports, ESPN first revealed the agreement. If they seal the deal, it would be a record annual salary for the Head Coach. So far, Kerr had a contract of ten years with the Warriors. It was set to expire at the end of the 2023-24 season. But the coach was not rushing into anything as he said the first priority is the season.

And Kerr always planned on returning. Recently, coach Kerr won his 500th game with the Golden State Warriors. The new extension will see Kerr have an annual salary of $17.5 million. That’s the highest for any NBA coach. But in case of total value, there are bigger deals like, Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat agreed to an eight-year extension worth $120 million this year. Moreover, San Antonio Spurs have a five-year deal with their coach Gregg Popovich for $80 million. Then, there is Monty Williams of Detroit Pistons with a six-year deal worth $78 million. 

How Big Is The Deal For Coach Kerr?

Steve Kerr disputes media criticism of Steph Curry’s leadership after the recent Draymond Green incident with Jusuf Nurkic. Sportskeeda

As per The Guardian, the extension is worth more annually than what Kerr made in his entire playing career. Steve Kerr has been part of five NBA championship teams. He had a pretty successful career as an athlete. Anyhow, the extension allows Kerr to be part of the Dubs through 2025-2026 season. That’s also the last season in Steph Curry’s current contract with the GSW.

Steve Kerr is among very few number of coaches with more than 500 NBA wins. And among them, only Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, and KC Jones have a better win percentage than Steve Kerr. On Friday night, Kerr entered with winning 65.5% of his games with the Golden State Warriors. Moreover, Kerr’s postseason success is even better than the regular season.

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