Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors
Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors Source: radiozona.com.ar

The Golden State Warriors became a modern-day dynasty thanks to the special trio. Without the tripod of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, it is quite unimaginable to see the team as a dynasty in modern times. In 2015, the trio helped the Dubs to end their 40-year NBA title drought. Clearly, a lot of credit goes to the head coach, Steve Kerr, as he really deserves it. But the real architect of this dynasty has been the three-point King ever since he joined the franchise in 2009. Stephen Curry had to wait a long time, but then, in 2015, things took a dramatic turn. From 2015 to 2022, the Golden State Warriors won four championships and, in the process, established their dynasty.

However, Curry could not have done it alone. He and Klay Thompson became the Splash Brothers that the opponent defenders really dreaded. Then, there was Draymond Green, who really dominated the game as a power forward. But for a few years, Kevin Durant joined the Warriors. A true great of the game, KD helped the Dubs win the titles in 2017 and 2018. However, the present scenario is quite different because there’s no KD, and the team is not at the top anymore. If things keep going like they have so far this season, the Dubs might not make the postseason. Even then, the GSW might not be willing to trade Green or Klay.


Will The Warriors Trade Green Or Thompson?

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On Wednesday, Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that the Warriors have no interest in dealing Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. The ESPN insider said in an interview with the SportsCenter that the Dubs might trade Chris Paul or Andrew Wiggins instead. Moreover, the contract of Chris Paul is expiring. And on the other hand, Andrew Wiggins had a pretty difficult season with the Warriors. Since the Dubs are willing to make the transfer regarding Wiggins and Paul, they can try to land a difference-maker.

Besides Chris Paul and Andrew Wiggins, the Golden State Warriors have made their opinions clear on the trio. They are not moving on from these veteran players who have done so much for the team. However, the Warriors are still lingering around the bottom half of the Western Conference. They are currently the 12th seed in the Western Conference. Hence, the Dub Nation hopes to see the front office make some significant changes before the trade deadline. But as per the ESPN insider it is not going to be a trade of anyone from the Dubs tripod. Perhaps someone either of Chris Paul or Andrew Wiggins.

Why Might The Dubs Hold On To Klay Thompson And Draymond Green?

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

Thompson and Green might not have been of great help to Steph Curry this season so far. But they were once All-Star-level players. And these players helped the San Francisco based franchise become an NBA Dynasty. It is more like a family kind of feeling. Nevertheless, a crisis situation can ask for a tough change. Even if it has to be a player who’s been part of the team for a long time.

But Dray Green’s two back-to-back suspensions very early on this season really created all sorts of trouble for the Warriors. On top of that, Klay Thompson did not start the season very well. He really struggled with his shooting, as did Andrew Wiggins. But Thompson did seem to improve gradually. And since Dray returned to the lineup, the team looks better than how they started. Prior to the game against the Atlanta Hawks, the Warriors had won two back-to-back contests.

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