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Sir Lewis Hamilton has been part of the Mercedes team since 2013. Technically, he is still part of Mercedes. But this journey is coming to an end this year. However, what a journey this has been for the German team and the seven-time champion racer. They sure were like families and shared some unforgettable memories. However, the Brackley-based team has been unsuccessful for over two years. They only managed to win in Brazil in 2022. Last year, the German team stayed winless. And it raised more questions regarding when they could provide the right car to Lewis Hamilton. But time was not waiting for anybody.

The seven-time champion turned 39 last month. He had been winless over two seasons. Hence, time was really running out fast. Moreover, it seems like Lewis Hamilton is not very hopeful about the 2024 car either. Albeit the team was stating that the W15 car has solved the basic problems of the predecessors. Anyhow, Lewis signed a two-year extension with Mercedes last year. But the contract perhaps had a one-year break clause that allowed Hamilton to move to Ferrari next year. Lately, the seven-time champion explained his reasons for his shocking move to the great Italian team. 


Lewis Hamilton Explained Why He’s Moving To Ferrari Next Year

Lewis Hamilton Niki Lauda Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Niki Lauda Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

Recently, Lewis Hamilton posted a long message on Instagram about his move to Ferrari. He says the same feeling drove him to sign with Ferrari that made him sign with Mercedes in 2013. In the same post, the seven-time champion mentioned that he has been feeling a whole range of emotions as it has been a few “Crazy” days. But he believes it is time to finally fulfill his childhood dream to wear the iconic “Red” uniform. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton showed his gratitude toward the Mercedes team, saying, “They have been part of my life since I was 13 years old.” He is proud of what he and the team were able to achieve together throughout all these years.

But he said it was the hardest decision he had to make. On Instagram, Hamilton gave a more detailed picture of what’s going on in his mind than what he said in the press release with Mercedes about his impending exit. He said he is grateful to Toto Wolff for his friendship, guidance, and leadership. Adding to that, Hamilton noted that he still misses Niki Lauda every day. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton mentioned he is ready to take on a new challenge. But he is not thinking about 2025 right now because he feels more driven to drive the Mercedes car for one last season.

One Last Time With Mercedes For The Great Briton

Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Motorsport-Total.com

Lewis Hamilton also mentioned that many people did not understand why he joined Mercedes in 2013. But he took a leap of faith, and it turned out to be the right call. Hence, he feels positive this time, too. However, before he leaves the German team, he wants to help them win one more title.

He feels fitter and more focused than ever. But given the age of Lewis Hamilton, chances are low that he would be able to replicate a similar successful stint with Ferrari as he did with Mercedes. Moreover, questions are always there if Ferrari can build a car faster than Red Bull next year or in 2026 with new regulations.

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