Jonathan Papelbon, Alex Verdugo

The New York Yankees accomplished a rare trade deal with arch-rivals Boston Red Sox earlier this off-season. Amid speculation of the rivalry being toned down, the Bombers landed outfielder Alex Verdugo in exchange for multiple pitching arms. The Yanks went ahead with the trade to bury concerning outfield holes.

Meanwhile, days after the trade came through, Alex Verdugo transformed his look to adhere to the Yankees’ traditional policies. Verdugo shaved his face and appeared before the media for the first time since becoming a Yankee. However, a particular remark made during the media interaction fueled the former Red Sox legend with anger as he called out Verdugo on social media.


Jonathan Papelbon Calls Alex Verdugo A “B*tch” For Moaning About Red Sox’s Culture

SOURCE: Nick Cammett/Getty Images

The age-old rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees has taken an unexpected turn as a war of words unfolded between a Red Sox legend and Yankees outfielder, Alex Verdugo. Verdugo was addressing a press meeting virtually when he shed light on his recent experience with the Red Sox. For context, the outfielder had a tough time settling in Boston, and the 2023 season proved to be a breaking point. He was sidelined for a number of games and posted .264 with 13 homers and 54 RBIs at the end of the regular season. The friction between Alex and the team management seemed evident as the season went along. Having said that, now that Verdugo is out, he hit back at Red Sox manager Alex Cora.

In his media interaction, Alex Verdugo said that the Boston Red Sox shouldn’t air people out and instead have their backs. He witnessed a similar treatment in the Red Sox, and thus, at the Yankees, he is looking forward to a fresh start. “Go out there, play hard, work hard, just have fun, and that’s the biggest thing,” said Verdugo. However, the indirect dig didn’t sit well with Red Sox legend Jonathan Papelbon. The former pitcher, who is set to be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Famer in 2024, called out Verdugo for his lies. He backed Cora and claimed that the skipper backs his player more than anyone. Moreover, Jonathan pinned the blame on Verdugo, stating that his own wrongdoings led to his exit. The following choice of words by Papelbon seemed harsh.

Alex Verdugo Reveals His First Reaction To Being Trade To Yankees

Alex Verdugo

Outfielder Alex Verdugo dropped bombshell revelations on his former organization, the Boston Red Sox. Besides targeting the manager, Alex Cora, Verdugo opened up on his initial reaction to the proposed trade. He said that he was initially mad at the Red Sox for abandoning him. But once Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, Giancarlo Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo reached out, he felt at ease.

Alex Verdugo further revealed how he used to work out wearing a Yankee cap in the past. He has always admired the esteemed franchise. And finally, to have the opportunity to don the iconic pinstripes is nothing short of an honor for Alex Verdugo. Having said that, the slugger is expected to play left field for the Yankees in the 2024 season and hopefully put an end to the team’s offensive woes.