Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Domínguez points up as he crosses home after hitting his first homer in Yankee Stadium. via “X” NYY

Once the postseason campaign fell apart, the New York Yankees induced youth influx during the final stretch of the 2023 MLB season. Prospects Everson Pereira, Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells made their way to the major league. Having said that, Dominguez’s promotion seemed abrupt, given his lack of Triple-A experience.

Jason Dominguez was promoted to the big leagues with just nine Triple-A games experience. However, the prospect proved his doubters wrong. He went on a home run-hitting spree and rightfully lived up to the Martian nickname. However, the dream run ended abruptly due to a grievous injury. Meanwhile, ahead of the impending MLB season, the Yankees skipper shed light on Dominguez’s current status.


Aaron Boone Expects Jasson Dominguez To Return Soon!

Jasson Domínguez in the on-deck circle prior to his first major league at bat. via Twitter NYY

In a mere seven games post Major League debut, New York Yankees’ top prospect Jasson Dominguez hit four home runs and drove seven RBIs while maintaining a .258 batting average. The 20-year-old phenomenon swept the MLB world off its feet with insane hitting abilities. He looked natural, and the nervousness of big leagues never hit the prospect. However, fate had other plans. Domingue’s dreamy debut run was cut short due to a grievous injury. A harmless elbow discomfort turned into a UCL tear injury, which neither Jasson nor the Yanks were able to diagnose in time. Since the outfielder played through it, the injury concerns only worsened over time. After multiple tests, the UCL tear was confirmed, and the Bombers unwillingly shut him down.

Subsequently, Jasson Dominguez underwent Tommy John surgery and has been under grueling rehabilitation ever since. To those unversed, for a position player in baseball, the recovery timeline for Tommy John surgery is 7-9 months, depending on the healing ability of an individual. That dates Jasson’s return to July 2024. However, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone expects the prospect to feature in spring training regardless. In a recent media interaction, Boone confirmed that Dominguez is doing fine as far as recovery is concerned. He is indeed optimistic that Dominguez will return to the field sooner or later. “He isn’t throwing yet; it’s obviously something we’re not going to rush, and we’re going to make sure he’s in a good spot when he’s ready,” added Boone. But the manager says that in spring training, Jasson will look more like a regular player.

Yankees Outfield Lineup For 2024 Season!

A home run from Aaron Judge and contributions from a bunch of rookies, Jasson Dominguez included, keyed the Yankees’ 5-4 win in Houston on Saturday night.AP

Meanwhile, Jasson Dominguez’s first-half absence will have negative implications on the Yankees captain Aaron Judge. Since the team added Juan Soto this off-season, the generational talent will move to his comfort zone, the right field. Besides, Alex Verdugo will most likely opt for left field, thus leaving an injury-prone Judge in center field.

Centre field is a demanding job in baseball. It’s an unideal position for Aaron Judge as it requires a lot of footwork, And the captain, who is coming off a grievous toe injury, should avoid that position at any cost. However, the adjustment seems unlikely until and after Jasson Dominguez returns to the mix, which also won’t happen until July 2024.