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Unpopular Opinion: Yankees Could Have Averted Injury Setbacks This Season By Exercising Extra Caution

Injuries are the only constant in the world of sports. Any well-built athlete is susceptible to unwanted injury. This MLB season, the New York Yankees bore the brunt of this constant variable. Baseball is a sport where injuries are the new normal. But for the Yanks, the setbacks came raining down, which left an adverse impact on their campaign.

Ever before the 2023 MLB season kicked off, the New York Yankees began losing key players of the 40-man roster. Not only that but as the season progressed, many players fell prey to injuries. However, the manner in which the club chose to address and approach these setbacks caused an unsettling feeling among the fans.


Yankees Should Take Control Of Players Injury To Avert Unnecessary Risks

Jake Bauers slowly walks off the field with Aaron Boone after suffering an injury when he made a diving catch during the first inning of the Yankees-Rangers game. Getty Images

Since the past many seasons, the New York Yankees campaign has been adversely affected due to unwanted injury setbacks. This season has been no different. It’s August, and the club is missing an awful lot of players, with a few important players playing through underlying discomfort. Where did the Yanks as an organization mess up in these situations? For starters, the club should have taken the control into their own hands. For instance, in Anthony Rizzo’s concussion case, it was only after the baseman complained that the medical staff ramped up a series of tests. His IL stint could have been avoided had the Bombers continued to conduct a series of tests at regular intervals.

Even with Aaron Judge, the Yankees have messed up big time. He is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Yet the club chose to allow him to play through an underlying toe injury, which could lead to long-term setbacks even with a slight case of negligence. The team should have asked the captain to stand down for his own betterment. Players are highly passionate and driven to step onto the field each day despite discomfort. Often, the line between their and the team’s best interest gets blurred. In those situations, it’s the duty of the team management to step in and take control of those injury situations. Had the franchise been more swift, the 2023 MLB season would have been a whole lot different. Regardless, the club has 30-odd games left on the schedule to secure the pride of the franchise.

Carlos Rodon Showing Sings Of Life For The First Time This Season

Carlos Rodon
New York Yankees’ Carlos Rodon celebrates after striking out New York Mets’ Pete Alonso during the … [+]COPYRIGHT 2023 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Carlos Rodon that the New York Yankees signed up for has been missing all season long. Injury setbacks have badly impacted the pitcher’s rhythm on the mound. However, on Sunday, Rodon displayed his true self for probably the first time this season. The pitcher made a start in the series finale vs. the Rays and struck out seven hitters while leaking two runs in 4.2 innings pitched.

He wanted to extend his stay on the mound, but manager Aaron Boone called it a day for him. Regardless, the Yankees skipper thinks Rodon’s start vs. the Rays has been his best four-inning stretch in the pinstripes. His pitches were accurate, crisp, and to the point. Not once did he look in trouble. However, to the pitcher’s disappointment, his salient efforts resulted in a 7-4 loss for the Yanks.