Christian Horner & Toto Wolff
Christian Horner & Toto Wolff

After a bit of struggle in Singapore, Red Bul\’s Max Verstappen rediscovered his grove in the Japanese Grand Prix. And once again, he won the Formula One World Champion Title for the consecutive time. This did not end, as the driver claimed his fourteenth win for the season at the Mexican GP last night. However, Red Bull\’s one-stop strategy, which helped Verstappen seal the deal, was a total surprise for Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

Toto Wolff Shocked By Red Bull\’s One Pit-Stop Strategy!

Max Verstappen won the Mexican Grand Prix with a convincing margin of victory on Sunday, and Mercedes team president Toto Wolff acknowledged that he was shocked by Red Bull\’s daring one-stop strategy. By winning the race ahead of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton, the Dutchman broke the previous record for the most victories in a single Formula One season.


In contrast to Red Bull, who started Verstappen and Perez on the red-walled soft tires, the Silver Arrows decided for a lengthy opening stint on the medium tires. Mercedes was expecting that Red Bull\’s strategy would force them to employ a two-stop plan. Due to the medium tires\’ second stints\’ superior longevity compared to expectations ultimately did not materialize.

During a conversation with Sky Sports, Mercedes\’ Toto Wolff discussed the gamble that Red Bull took. In the conversation, Wolff stated that his team was completely taken aback by Perez\’s ability to bash the tires and still have it hang on. Wolff also admitted they got it all wrong, as Soft to the Medium was never in their plans. 


Max Verstappen of Red Bull won the Mexico Grand Prix on Sunday, giving him a record-tying 14th triumph of the Formula One season. Verstappen, the reigning world champion, finished comfortably 15.186 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Verstappen\’s Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez came in third place. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel no longer hold the record for the most victories in a season. This is because Verstappen has now surpassed them to secure his 14th win of the season.

Mercedes is yet to claim their season\’s first Grand Prix victory. To earn second place in the Constructors\’ Championship, they would need to defeat Ferrari. With only two races left in the season, they will be anxious to end the season strong in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. They are currently 40 points behind their Italian rivals. Apparently, all season long, Mercedes has needed help keeping up with teams like Red Bull and Ferrari. However, based on their remarkable speed in Mexico throughout the weekend, it appears as though the tide has finally turned.

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