Mercedes New Front Wing
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Once again, team Mercedes has started disclosing their expectations with another upgrade they are set to bring in the upcoming race. Since the start of this year, the team is constantly depending on the following upgrades. The Silver Arrows expect some fantastic results from them. However, they get small gains that push their ace driver Lewis Hamilton to clinch only second position. Apparently, the race-winning position is predominantly set for the Red Bull star Max Verstappen.

In the 2022 Formula One season, team Red Bull has single-handedly won all the races that happened thus far. Verstappen has won whopping eight races, while his teammate Sergio Perez clinched two. This clearly shows how strong they have made their RB19 car with the help of their talented Engineer, Adrian Newey. On the other hand, their rival, Mercedes, is using a different kind of methodology this time that is apparently not helping them lead the Grand Prix races.


Mercedes Likely To Bring More Upgrades At Spa Along With Recent New Front Wings

Team Mercedes has been consistently relying on the upgrades since the start of the season to catch the pace required to fight at the front. Sadly, after many upgrades and new additions at Monaco and Silverstone, the team is still lagging in straight pace and downforce. However, once again, it is expected that the Silver Arrows will bring some MEGA upgrades soon. They will try to turn around their chances this year.

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Recently, the Silver Arrows boss Toto Wolff hinted towards another set of upgrades that are about to come at Spa. In another attempt to get closer to fighting the mighty Red Bulls, the chief acknowledged that they’ll feature some more changes to the car at Spa, and those 100-millisecond gains will be essential for them to fight. However, the question arises is; how those 100-millisecond gains will help them get ahead of Max Verstappen, who is generally leading the race by 23-24 seconds? We will find that out soon.

Did The Front Wings Provide Any Pace To The W14 At Silverstone?

Time and again, Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton has pointed out that he is clearly unsatisfied with this year’s car’s performance. However, the team is tweaking things in the W14 to achieve more and more pace every weekend. Last weekend at Silverstone, they brought new front wings. And once again, Hamilton pushed his car to the limit only to secure the second position. But looks like the full potential of the front wing hasn’t come out yet. Recently, team technical director James Allison claimed that the new wing is set to increase the car’s performance more in slow corners than the fast turns that make up most of the Silverstone circuit. And that is why much difference in the pace and the performance was there.

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However, the Silver Arrows are excited about this new front-wing design. It should improve the car’s balance and performance through the corners’ slower range. So, the upcoming race at Hungry will show improved performance, as per Allison. This is because Hungry is a track that is made up almost entirely of slower stuff.