Los Angeles, CA, USA; MLB Network analyst Sean Casey before game seven of the 2017 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium. / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees, currently out of playoff contention, are set to begin the second half of the season on Friday against the Colorado Rockies. After having an abysmal first half, where everything fell apart, the Yanks will commence the second half with new energy and fresh faces. The dead offense will find a new mentor in the clubhouse, Sean Casey.

Sean Casey, a former first baseman, replaced Dillon Lawson as the Yankees hitting coach for the rest of the tournament. Despite having no coaching experience, the Bombers office has put on a lot of faith in Aaron Boone’s ex-teammate. Meanwhile, as the second half inches closer, Sean has already started his work and analyzed the team’s offensive shortcomings. He addressed the media for the first time after his appointment and spoke at length about his plans for the team.


Sean Casey Identifies Yankees Offensive Problems, Spoke To Batters Directly!

Sean Casey will be the Yankees’ next hitting coach. Getty Images

New York Yankees’ newly appointed hitting coach is up and running even before the second half commences. He spoke to the media for the first time after his induction and spoke in length about the team’s offensive struggles. Casey said that while watching some videos of Yank’s at-bats, he sensed a bit of tension among the player. Sean, who has had a successful 12-year career in MLB, understands where the fear is coming from. He said that when a player is struggling on the plate, the anxiety creeps in, and they tend to go wide with the swings, which ends up doing more damage. Hence, his job here will be to address each batter’s individual problem and find solutions to it.

Further, Sean Casey added that he has already spoken one on one to Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Josh Donaldson, Harrison Bader, and Anthony Volpe to understand the team’s perspective. As per Casey’s analysis, the batters are getting out quickly due to a defensive approach. He feels that is not how the Yankees operate. Yanks have always been a team who attacks from the forefront. The set of hitters in the clubhouse are professional hitters. They just need a little push to rediscover their lost form. Ultimately, Casey admitted that he had no magic wand to solve the crisis in a jiffy. All he can do is talk to each guy individually and help them figure out what they can do on the plate to get better.

Lack Of Coaching Experience Will Not Be A Roadblock For Casey

Sean Casey
Sean Casey – Getty Images

Appointment of Sean Casey as the hitting coach of the New York Yankees was met with criticism. It originated mainly due to his lack of coaching experience. Casey retired in 2008 and has been working as an MLB broadcaster and analyst ever since. However, Sean believes that his inexperience wont be a problem. The new coach says his vast experience as a major league player will help him understand the player’s mindset.

In his MLB career, Sean Casey, too, faced a lot of struggles. Hence, nobody better than him can understand what these players are going through at the moment. Ultimately, Casey’s goal is to win a world championship. He believes anything less than a championship is considered a failure in New York which he truly understands. He knows the importance of his role and position. Hence, Casey promised to leave no stone unturned in his efforts to revive the dead Yankees offense.