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Toto Wolff Denies Rumors Of Any Post-Retirement Clause In Lewis Hamilton’s Contract Extension

Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff joined team Mercedes together in 2013. Since then, they changed the face of that F1 team. Today, the German manufacturer is a powerhouse of Formula One. But the journey started when the team principal and the star driver joined ten years ago. However, as the current situation stands, Hamilton’s contract will end this year. People have been talking about contract renewal for a long time. But Wolff and Hamilton have not yet announced the confirmation. But Mercedes’s boss mentioned a while ago that emotionally they have already signed the contract extension.

However, they must do it officially as soon as they can. Otherwise, speculations and rumors will keep creating more and more pressure on the team. There is a rumor that Hamilton is looking for an ambassadorial role after retirement. Hence, in the next five years, the seven-time champion might announce his retirement. According to reports from Daily Mail, Mercedes rejected the request of Lewis Hamilton for a 10-year-long partnership as an ambassador after his retirement with a contract worth 200 million pounds. However, Toto Wolff denied such a rumor.


Mercedes Boss Denies That The Seven-Time Champion Is Looking For An Ambassadorial Role

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Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Crash.Net

As Wolff told PlanetF1 and others that there is no discussion on an ambassadorial role, and it is not part of their contract negotiations. The Mercedes boss added that he feels there are a lot more years when the fans can expect Hamilton to drive in F1. But the team must clean certain things in the contract. Moreover, Wolff acknowledges the fact that people wonder what is taking them so long. In reply, Toto Wolff mentioned that there are certain trivial things they must clean up, and for that, they need a little time. However, both Hamilton and Wolff hinted these negotiations are not depending solely on money.

Instead, they must think about the future together. On the other hand, the 1996 champion, Damon Hill, suggests that Lewis Hamilton is waiting to see how the 2024 car turns out before committing anything. But the seven-time champion always stayed optimistic about not leaving Mercedes. Moreover, there was a rumor that Ferrari was looking to offer Lewis Hamilton a pretty good deal to sign him. But Lewis denied such rumors. Instead, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that as long as he and Toto Wolff have a good understanding, he will stay in Mercedes. But for now, the saga of what will happen about the contract extension still continues. 

Lewis Hamilton And Toto Wolff Have Been Incredibly Successful Together

Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Eurosport

The duo of Hamilton-Wolff won six driver’s titles for Mercedes from 2014 to 2020. As an exception, Mercedes won in 2016 with Nico Rosberg. Lately, in 2021, Mercedes won their eighth constructor’s title in a row. But Lewis Hamilton missed the chance of winning his eighth title in 2021 narrowly.

A new champion emerged in the form of Max Verstappen of Red Bull. Since then, Mercedes lost its grip on the title, and so did Lewis Hamilton. If the car does not help, then it is incredibly difficult for any driver to win a race and let alone a championship. That’s why Hamilton has been struggling for so long.