Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: MARCA

Star player Anthony Davis has been an integral part of the Los Angeles Lakers ever since he joined in 2019. The Lakers had LeBron James from 2018, but the team did not have a championship-winning roster. However, AD changed the culture in the locker room. Later the duo of James and Davis went on to help the Lakers win the 2019-20 season.

Moreover, as LeBron James is reaching his retirement perhaps in the next two or three years, the Lakers Nation will look at Anthony Davis to lead the team in the King’s absence. That’s the reason why the Lakers pay him such big bucks. Moreover, AD’s expensive contract ends next year. But the Lakers’ head Jeanie Buss was not willing to confirm if they would retain Anthony Davis.


Is Jeanie Buss Unsure About AD’s Stay In LA After 2024?

Jeanie Buss Lakers
Jeanie Buss Lakers Source: ESPN

Looking at his value in the team’s roster, it should not be hard to predict that the Lakers will retain him. But the LA side’s governor Jeanie Buss gave some different hints about it in a recent interview with Sportskeeda. Buss only mentioned that she agrees with Rob Pelinka on the fact that they should keep the core together. She did not want to say much else about it, nothing specific about Anthony Davis. Even though AD’s contract ends next year, he will have the eligibility to sign a new contract from August 4. But Jeanie Buss did not seem eager to offer him any contract extension right away. However, the Lakers Nation should not panic about it so soon.

There is time, and the most apt time is right before the 2023-24 season starts. After August 4, Anthony Davis will be eligible for a three-year contract worth $167.6 million. Moreover, AD has expressed several times in the past that he wants to play for the Lakers for as long as he can. His family loves living in Los Angeles. On top of that, when Anthony Davis stays healthy, he proves that he is still among the best players in the league. But the concern is with his weak physique. It may cost the Lakers a lot if AD can’t play for many games in a row. Last season, he missed twenty games on the trot due to a stress injury. That’s the reason why the Lakers are looking for a big man to acquire so that they can take some load off Anthony Davis. 

Anthony Davis Had Been The Laker’s Strength Despite Being Injury-Prone

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Source: The Spun

Since 2020, the Lakers are still hanging on to win their 18th title. It is because after winning the title in 2020, the team had been through a rough patch for a couple of seasons. However, in the last season, the Lakers turned the season on its head. They were nowhere there, but some crucial mid-season trades helped the team get some much-needed balance.

Later, Anthony Davis led the team to the Western Conference Finals. Despite not being 100% healthy, AD played and contributed a lot to the team’s success. He was the anchor of the team’s defense. Anthony Davis helped the Lakers become the strongest defensive side in the season. But he also spearheaded the offense of the purple and gold.