Mercedes has been going through one of their worst Formula One seasons this year. And Lewis Hamilton’s bad performance has been one of the main reasons behind it. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff feels that Hamilton is in a good space and his motivation is intact. Not just that, he cleared that Mercedes is not looking for his potential replacements.

Toto Wolff Shows Confidence In Hamilton!

According to Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton’s desire and ambition for F1 are still strong, despite the team’s difficulties this year. And there is no need for the Mercedes team manager to “get in touch” with any other driver in case the British driver opts to retire. Since the beginning of the hybrid era in 2014, Mercedes is presently experiencing their worst season in Formula One. 

Toto Wolff Mercedes

In the first part of the season, the Brackley team struggled to resolve the aerodynamic issues that affected its brand-new W13 silver arrow. Hamilton and teammates George Russell have both struggled as a result of the porpoising troubles with the chassis. And now, the former is having his first winless season in Formula One since entering the top division in 2007.

Next month will complete ten years since Hamilton left McLaren to join Mercedes. He has now surpassed all previous records for driver success and contributed to Mercedes’ collection of trophies by helping the company win eight straight Constructors’ Championships. Despite having a contract with Mercedes through the end of 2023, Hamilton’s troubles with the team have given rise to suspicions that he may decide to retire from racing a year early.

There is growing speculation that Hamilton’s tenure with the squad may be coming to an end shortly. The seven-time World Champion‘s current deal is valid through the end of 2023, although there have been rumblings that he would go after Mercedes’ early-season struggles. However, team president Wolff, who stated he had never contacted another driver to inquire about the possibility of replacing the club’s greatest star, did not have that concern.

Mercedes Succession Plan After Lewis Hamilton!

Mercedes must make plans for what comes after, despite Wolff’s certainty that Hamilton will stay until at least the conclusion of the next season. And Toto Wolff’s most difficult decision is who to let in. Although George Russell is rightly seen as Hamilton’s successor, there is still a seat open and few possibilities. Max Verstappen is now settled at Red Bull, but Mercedes would undoubtedly try to woo him away. 

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However, the Dutchman demonstrated his dedication by signing a new deal with Red Bull valid until 2028. Another candidate for a position at Mercedes would be Lando Norris. However, Lando Norris is also committed to McLaren through the year 2025. A certain Pierre Gasly could be a more sensible idea. The current AlphaTauri guy, has a deal that expires at the end of the 2023 campaign. And he has been making signals, as have Red Bull, that his longtime affiliation with the group may be ending.

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