Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2021, in the picture team boss and managing director Toto Wolff (Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team)

After bringing some major updates just three races back, Mercedes is once again preparing itself for testing new upgrades in the upcoming races. They have already seen the results of their Monaco upgrades in Monte Carlo and in Barcelona. The new revamped W14 car made it easier for the drivers, even on a difficult track. As a result, Mercedes enjoyed their best result in Spain so far this season as they earned their first double podium.

Later in Canada, even though the team did not expect much significant result there, Lewis Hamilton finished at P3. However, George Russell faced a little setback as he hit the wall and ended his race midway at P19. Undoubtedly, the upgrades are working somewhat well for the Brackley-based team. But the new upgrades that Mercedes will implement in the British Grand Prix and in the other three races before the summer break are raising suspicions. People are wondering if the team will possibly breach the cost cap limit due to these grand upgrades. But boss Toto Wolff has assured that they have everything under control.


Boss Says They Won’t Make The Same Mistake As Their Rivals In 2022

Toto Wolff Mercedes
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Right now, it is unclear if the new upgrades in the upcoming races will solve the problems of the drivers. But from a different angle, the impending upgrades of the Mercedes W14 are raising suspicions regarding the cost cap limit. But chief Toto Wolff has asserted that they have 46 people in the finance department who are constantly monitoring the cost cap. As he mentioned, “We are not building stuff. It is more about what we’re simulating. Hence, money can’t measure that. It is all about teraflops and wind tunnel hours.” Although, after the upgrades in Monte Carlo, F1 pundits are wondering if Mercedes will breach the cost cap like Red Bull in the 2022 season.

If the Brackley team does breach the cost cap, they will have to pay a penalty like Red Bull. Moreover, a few weeks ago, Mercedes Boss mentioned that he was willing to sacrifice any profit to see his team win at least one race this season. They will take whatever points they can earn on the difficult tracks, like in Monaco, Canada, and so on. However, they will also keep in mind the huge gap that is increasing every race between them and Red Bull. The table toppers have won all the races so far this year, thanks to their drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. But Mercedes is still looking for their second victory in two years. Last year, Red Bull won 17 races and is cruising to go beyond that this season. However, the Silver Arrows is currently not thinking about beating the Milton-Keynes-based team as they are focusing on the improvements. 

Will New Upgrades Change Mercedes’ Luck This Year?

Mercedes W14 Sidepods
Mercedes W14 Sidepods Source: Sky Sports

After bringing the first major upgrades of the season, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton mentioned that “The car feels good” during the Monaco Grand Prix. Since then, the team is showing improvements. Currently, they are trying to hold second place in the constructor’s championship. Aston Martin and Ferrari are the other two teams who can take second place, but the Silver Arrows need to hold on to their current position. To ensure that Mercedes are ready to add two more upgrades in the next four races.

The summer break will start soon after the next four races. So, before the break, Mercedes are quite eager to test new upgrades, especially the one in Silverstone. They started the season with zero side pods. But from Monaco, Mercedes added side pods plus front and floor suspensions to the W14 car, and it showed visible improvements. But the drivers still complain about the rear downforce, the cockpit position, and a few more things.