Lewis Hamilton
Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are spotted on a boat trip and romance rumors increase Getty Images

Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has often kept his personal life private, away from the public eye. The 38-year-old has been single for a while now after breaking up with long-time girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger in 2015. Despite this, rumors of his link-up with random personalities are always floating around in the media.

Recently, the British driver was spotted hanging out with popular pop singer Shakira. Since then, rumors of their affair have spread like wildfire. While nothing has been confirmed from both the involved parties, the internet has already begun cooking up stories. Meanwhile, another rumor has popped up, which suggests that the alleged couple is planning a vacation together. The rumors have only added fuel to the existing fire.


Reports: Lewis Hamilton Taking Shakira On A Vacation To A Caribbean Country

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, Shakira

Lewis Hamilton is by far the most eligible bachelor in the whole F1 paddock. The British driver allegedly had multiple on-and-off relationships with a couple of renowned personalities. But he never confirmed any of such rumors. Meanwhile, recently, the Briton was spotted on a boat ride with popular pop singer Shakira in Miami. The singer recently shifted to Miami with her kids after her ugly fallout with ex-partner and retired footballer Gerard Pique. Since then, she has been single. Just when rumors of their affair started doing rounds, the duo were again spotted together in Spain, which further fueled the rumors.

Shakira attended the Spanish Grand Prix, and after the race, she had dinner with Lewis Hamilton and friends. Amid this, Spanish journalist Jordi Martin has claimed that Hamilton and Shakira have planned a short vacation to a Caribbean country. Jordi further added that people close to the singer had informed him about the same. Apparently, the rumored couple is in the early stage of their relationship and wants to take things slow and get to know each other better. However, the source of MailOnline rubbished Martin’s claims. He said that the British driver and the Spanish singer are just good friends and have also not planned any kind of holiday. That being said, the recent rumors are nothing but conjectures and half-cooked stories for the moment. We will have to wait for any official comment from either of the parties.

This F1 Driver Apparently Played Cupid In Hamilton-Shakira’s Alleged Romance

Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton
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Meanwhile, other rumors about the origin of Lewis Hamilton and Shakira’s romance have flared up. A Spanish Sports journalist who claims to be a friend of the British driver told Daily Mail that Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz apparently set the couple up. Sainz, who is Spanish, happens to be a common friend of Hamilton and Shakira and reportedly introduced them to each other.

Shakira had always known that Lewis Hamilton liked her music and wanted to give him a chance. Carlos Sainz did the rest, and the rest is rumored history. Again, all these claims are unverified and conjectures for the moment. Coming back to Formula One, the next round will happen in Austria in a week’s time. Hamilton’s Mercedes is finally on the right track, as the Briton has attained three podium finishes already. If all goes well, Hamilton can get his first win in over 18 months very soon.