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TikTok User Creates U.S. Soccer Dream Team With LeBron James As Captain & Goalkeeper!

LeBron James is a very popular name in the modern-day sports world. He is the first basketball player to become a billionaire while an active player. LeBron James may be famous, but nobody can deny that soccer is the most famous game worldwide. But in the U.S.A., there is American football, Baseball, and Basketball which are the most popular games.

For the rest of the world, it is “football,” but for North Americans, it is “soccer.” Evidently, these American games dominate the sports market in terms of profitability. NFL is the most valuable sports league in the world. But the value of (Association) football is no way less for soccer fans all over the world. Even among the modern generation, soccer has a great deal of followers.


TikTok User Creates The American Soccer Dream Team

One such TikTok user shared a clip where he mentions that if soccer were the most popular game in America, then the U.S. would dominate that game as well. But the user made the clip more interesting when he shared the idea of a dream soccer team consisting of greats of American sports. Modern-day NBA legends like Steph Curry and LeBron James have also made their way to this TikToker’s Dream Soccer team. This young TikTok expert has made King James the goalkeeper as well as the captain of the team.

In this TikTok video, the user says, “LeBron James is 6ft 9in. Hence, he is a perfect fit for the goalkeeper position. Plus, LeBron James like to tell people what they need to do, so he will also make a fine captain of my Dream Team.” Kieran, the TikTok user, has made Ja Morant the striker of his dream team. And Steph Curry has got the position of an attacking midfielder. Kieran says, “Curry will be great at taking 30-yard free-kicks.” He also added Lamar Jackson, the former MVP of the NFL, as another attacking mid-fielder.

Other Than Sports, LeBron James Loves Tattoos

LeBron James-Liverpool
LeBron James-Liverpool

The TikTok user is pretty confident of the depth and strength of his dream team. He feels “nobody can come close to the two goals of his team.” That is what Kieran thinks about soccer and the dream U.S. team. LeBron James has been a perfect package in his respective sport. He is the best in scoring, great in assisting, and is pretty strong in defense as well. But as a goalkeeper in soccer, how far he could excel is another topic to debate about. However, LeBron James has expressed interest in soccer by owning minor shares of Liverpool, an English Premier League club, after a deal with Fenway Sports Group.

Other than soccer, LeBron James has got a lot of interest in tattoos. King James has got as many as 25 tattoos. The latest entry in his tattoo collection, he has got one to pay tribute to the Hollywood Horror genre. He has got a tattoo paying tribute to Kobe Bryant. But the first tattoo LeBron James had was a line that said, “Chosen One.” He explained that he got that in his rookie year at NBA. There was a local magazine that used the headline “chosen one” while writing an article about the King. James thought it sounded cool so he took it.