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The New York Yankees reportedly want to stop issuing jersey numbers to the coaching staff for an uncanny reason.

The New York Yankees have a long and glorious history, and many of the team’s most iconic players are associated with specific jersey numbers. For example, Babe Ruth wore number 3, Lou Gehrig wore number 4, and Derek Jeter wore number 2. These numbers have become synonymous with the players who wore them and are respected by fans as symbols of the team’s greatness.


In recent years, the Yankees have retired as many as 22 jersey numbers in honor of the former greatest players the club has ever produced. Moreover, as there are only 99 numbers to choose from, they are running out of jersey numbers to assign to their coaching staff and other associated personnel. Hence, the Bombers now demand a change in rule from MLB.

Yankees Request MLB To Call Off The Rule Of Assigning Jersey Numbers To Coaching Staff


The New York Yankee’s glorious history is now stinging them back for the wrong reasons. Over the years, they have retired many jersey numbers in honor of their legendary former players. Hence, the new players face a shortage of numbers to choose from for their jerseys. This majorly happens because some numbers also remain assigned to the coaching staff. Hence, the team has now turned to MLB to put an end to their conundrum.

Lou Cucuzza, director of Yankees clubhouse operations, has sent an official request to Michael Hill, MLB’s senior vice president of on-field operations, to scrub the rule that allows them to assign uniform numbers to the coaching staff. On top of that, some reports suggest that even multiple teams apart from the Yankees are on board with this idea. While the MLB has issued no official statement on the matter, they look poised to have a discussion over it. If so happens, the coaches and staff members will have to find other ways to show their alliance to the team, such as wearing team gear or displaying the team logo in their offices.

Anthony Volpe Changes His Jersey Number To 11

Anthony Volpe
Twitter: @NewYorkYankees

New York Yankees top prospect Anthony Volpe made his much-anticipated debut in the majors on the 2023 opening day. However, he too faced the number dilemma as his regular jersey number, 7, which he donned as a mark of respect for his grandfather, stays retired by the Yankees. Hence, he dialed up Brett Gardner to seek his approval to don the 11-number jersey.

Brett, a former Yankee legend, sent his good wishes to the debutant along with his permission. Hence, Volpe stepped into the Bronx stadium donning jersey number 11 in his first-ever appearance wearing the pinstripes. Moreover, the rookie impressed everyone with his intense athleticism as he stole a base in his very first at-bat. He has successfully wooed the fans, who now look eager to see what he has to offer.