Christian Horner- Lewis Hamilton
Christian Horner- Lewis Hamilton, Image credit: Getty Images

“It’s flattering,” said the Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, in response to Lewis Hamilton’s comment on the latest creation of Red Bull.

After the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, who has driven F1 cars for 16 years, won six world championships with the Mercedes cars and has the record for most Grand Prix wins, announced that RB19 is the fastest car he has ever seen. Mercedes indeed made great cars back in their time. But none of them were as fast as Red Bull is today. At the time, the 38-year-old driver reckoned, “Mercedes was fast but not that fast,” showing how impressed he is with Red Bull’s work.


Struggling with the Mercedes W14, Hamilton could only get a P5 in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Clearly, the seven-time world champion is a little disappointed with his team cum family, Mercedes, for not listening to his advice. Evidently, these results are in a nondesirable car. Besides, he could not resist appreciating the work of the rival team. With Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s stunning racing skills and the fastest car ever made in F1 history, Red Bull succeeded in claiming one-two victory in both the races held so far.

Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, these comments that Lewis made on Red Bull’s extraordinary performance got a sweet reply from Red Bull boss Christian Horner. Just ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, he responded to Hamilton’s comment, “It’s obviously very flattering.” And the fact that these flattering comments come from none other than Lewis Hamilton, who has driven some of the best cars of Formula One in recent history, makes Horner happy even more.

Christian Horner Wants To Wait For Three Four Races To Claim That Red Bull Is Superior

The British boss also shared his views on Red Bull’s new beast creation, their RB19 car. He believes that Red Bull, indeed, has got a great car. It has been a “fantastic” starting point for the 2023 Formula One championship for them to have achieved a two-one-two finish. For Horner, the good things happening in Red Bull are more than what he expected from the season. So yes, it is flattering!

Christian Horner
Christian Horner Red Bull’s boss

However, Christian Horner is a little tense too. He is worried about the fact that it is a long season, and so far, only two races have passed. It means that there are 21 races and six sprints still available, and in each one of them, Red bull will have to face the rising power of the rivals as they are bringing updates with each passing weekend heading to Europe. For the Milton-Keynes-based team, “there is still an awfully long way to go,” said Horner.

Nevertheless, the statement that “Red Bull is superior” is not denied by Horner. Just as we all are, Horner is surprised, looking at the gap that Red Bull is maintaining from other cars on the grids. In all the races, the Milton Keynes team remained 15 s ahead of the rivals. Some of the F1 teams have made a step forwards. And one of them is Aston Martin. But things are definitely going to change because the circuits and tracks will get changed. And this will definitely change the result.